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Primitive Baptist Church of Waltonville
Source: The Prairie Historian a magazine of folk history Volume 19 March 1989 Issue 1 Primitive Baptist Church at Waltonville Present Home of The Prairie Historians (1989) An Account kept in 1905 by Henry Harrison Hartley as the building was being constructed and furnished. Sister Willis was Henry's daughter Mary Elizabeth Hartley who was married to William A. Willis, her second husband. Short report of H.H. Hartley Report of Committee on Building Church House at Waltonville 1st Contracted with Samuel Harris for to build The House, and Furnish Everything for $ 900.00 also Contracted with him to make the seats for $ 117.00 March 11th 1905; Settled with our Sam Harris and Paid off all indebteness with the exception of one small bill at Mt Vernon of $ 47.97 W Walker & Johnson, Since writing the above I have Settled that by paying out $25.00 of my own money, also sister Willis Paid out $13.62 for matting for aisles and Table, and has received $3.50 back leaving the church dr To He $10.10 Total indebtness to date $ 35.10 also one dollar to John Hirons $ 2.35 for Stove pipe &, Sereens for Bellfry also Paid our Rooksteel for Painting $18.00 There is many things of minor importance that we have kept no account of little things that the Brethren and Sisters have bought and paid for with their own money that there was no account kept of all of which We feel gratefull for At our Nov meeting we agreed to Call on Middle forth & Salem Churches for her Ordained authority to assist in the of deacons but there was no one appointed to make the call

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