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Old Baptist Church
Wells Reunion at Old Baptist Church 1958 Submitted By: Roseanne Ulrey Brown Source: The Prairie Historian Volume 18 December, 1988 Issue 4 Submitted By: Stacey Jones The Old Baptist Church Submitted by Helen Wells The Old Baptist Church in Elk Prairie township, or to call it by its correct name, Union Regular Baptist Church, was formed 7 May 1842. On that day Joseph Hartley, Mary Hartley, Sarah Hillman, Clabourn J. Cash, John Flener, Fanny Clampet, William Miflin, Anna Miflin and Sarah Flener with their Articles of Faith stood before a Presbytery of five ministers of the Regular Baptist Church of Jesus Christ " and after due examination found to be sound in the faith and legally dismissed from regular baptist by letter... and having mutually agreed to covenant together to maintain the order of the church of Jesus Christ (were) pronounced to be a legally constituted Regular Baptist Church of Jesus Christ". At the first business meeting Joseph Hartley was appointed Moderator and Clabourn J. Cash, clerk. The church agreed to be known by the name "Union" and o hold its meetings on Saturday proceding the second Sunday of the month. It also appointed Joseph Hartley, John Flener and Clabourn J. Cash to prepare rules of decrum for the church to be governed by and to present them at the next meeting. The little church soon began to grow. Joseph Hartley was chosen to be the preacher and meetings were held in the homes of members. The next step was to seek affilication with an association. Considerable time and thought went into this decision as the little church wanted to be sure the churches with whom it accociated held the same doctrines as it did. The Bethel Association, Holts Prairie Church in Perry County and the Southern Illinois Association were considered. Finally in August 1844 Union Church petitioned the Southern Illinois Association for admittance. This was a short lived relationship because in September 1846 Union Church requested a letter of dismission from the Southern Illinois Association to join the Bethel Association. Union Church remained with the Bethel Association throughout its existence. Other early decisions were to hold communion services in May and October of each year and for members to make their annual contributions by March for the expenses of the church. In February 1853 the decision was made to build a meeting house 24 x 40 feet and to build it a little west of Williams Clampet's place. The church appointment William Clampet and John Dodds to raise the funds. By the March meeting $ 210.00 had been raised and the church appointed William Clampet, William E. Fitzgerrell and John Dodds to superintend the building. Plans were made and lumber was bought. Howecer, disagreement grewas to the site location and so in March 1854 the church agreed to dispose of the lumber and drop the matter until some future time. In December 1856 the church again took up the subject of building a meeting house. John Dodds, William E. Fitzgerrell and Isaac Clampet were appointed as a committee to counsel the brethern and neighborhood as to a location. In February 1857 the committee reported to the church to build "on the north edge of the grove on or near John Crouch's land at or near the edge of the prairie". The church discharged that committee and appointed another one to select a suitable site "on or near the hickory grove at or near the Fitzgerrell were appointed to this committee. They were also appointed"trustees for the Regular Baptist Church in Jefferson County, Illinois called Union Church for to take a deed to the land purchased for the purpose of building the meeting house". One acre of land in the southwest corner of the northwest quarter of the northeast quarter of section 31 to be 30 x 36 feet with 12 feet between the floor and ceiling. Joseph Hartley was to draw-up a draft. Also, this time funds were more difficult to obtain and the church had to "authorize her trustees to borrow seventy-five dollars or more for the purpose of paying off the workmen for work done on the meeting house". The Church building must have been completed by March 1958 as the minutes state that "Barnes Reeves and John Martin ( are to) take charge of the Meeting House for one year and the church agree to hold a three day meeting in April and invite the sister churches as usual to met with us referring our communion tilt that time". The sister churches were the other churches in the Bethel Association and included Nine Mile Church in Perry County and Moore's Prairie Church in Jefferson County. It was the established custom for a church to extend an invitation to each of the sister churches to attend their communion services. The sister churches met on different Saturdays of the month which made it possible for all churches to attend each other's services. In December 1864 Joseph Hartley, who had pastored the church from its beginning, asked to be dismissed from his pastoral cares. ( In April 1865 he embarked on a wagon train for Oregon.) Elders who succeeded him as pastors were Moses Neal, Elijoh T. Webb. Josiah Harris, W.E. Weaver and C.C. Mitchell. Additional work was done on the meeting house from time to time. In October 1860 the building was sealed. In June 1867, John Martin and William Harris were appointed to superintend the painting of the house and Barnes Reeves was appointed to circulate a petition to raise money to pay for painting. In 1869, William Harris superintended the building of a stove flue. In 1871 lamps and oil were bought. In 1880 the building was recovered and repainted. Wiley Jones, James S. Reeves and David Martin superinted the work. In December an additional two acres of land were bought from John Crouch for $45. These two acres were to the north of the original one acre. In June 1909 the church instructed her trustees to sell the coal and minerals under her land and use the money to fix up the house. The trustees wore to superintend the repairing. In August the church building was moved northward about 60 yards in order to give more space to the cemetery which had outgrown its bounds. Unfortunately, a church member, George Downen, was fatally injured in the church move. Throughout the years the church had her share of disciplinary problems with her members. It was not uncommon for the church to appoint a committee of three members to call on another member and inquire into why the member was not filling his/her seat or inquire into a rumor about the member's conduct. Often the member was excluded from the church after these visits. Generally, after the member made a public acknowledgement of the error and resolved not to repeat the same, he/she was restored to fellowship with the church. Likewise, a sister church having internal problems would frequently call on a sister church to send a committee, usually of three members, to help settle disputes within the church. In 1900 a division developed in many of the Primitive Baptist churches throughout the region over the "London Confession of Faith" and Union Church was no exception. In July of that year during a discussion of the London Confession of Faith with Elder W.E. Weaver as Moderator, Henry H. Hartley and Mathew Kelly were excluded from Union Church for disorderly conduct by a parlimentary maneuver. In September, twenty-six additional members were excluded for rebellion against the church. In September 1903, four additional members were excluded- one for joining another church and three for joining the excluded party. In June 1906, six additional members were excluded for refusing to fill their seats. By 1906 Union Church was left with only a few old members. It had been able to attract new members. The minutes show that only one new member had joined the church since the division in 1900. The minutes also indicate there were fewer church services each year. The last minutes recorded in the second ledger book are for July 1912. Deacons of the church had been James F. Duncan elected in 1847; John Martin and John Dodds, elected and ordained in 1867; and George Darington and William graham, elected and ordained in 1880. Trustees besides the three previously mentioned in 1857 were David Martin, James Reeves and William Harris, appointed in 1871; James Allen, Henry H. Hartley and Vincent Hamilton were appointed in 1899; George downed and Charlie Cook were appointed in 1906 to fill vacancies caused by the exclusion of members. Henry H. Hartley and several of the other excluded members from 1900 started a new church, which they also callen "Union", in Waltonville. It is this church building which the "excluded party" built that thePrairie Historians bought and made into their museum. In 1923 the Union Primitive Baptist Cemetery Association was incorporated in order to provide perpetual care for the cemetery which was being neglected. On 2 June, 1924 the two acres of land occupied by the cemetery were deeded to the Cemetery Association. It was the trustees who had been excluded in 1900 who held the deed to the land and who conveyed it to the Cemetery Association. Written by: Helen Wells Sept. 1988 References: Minute Books of Union Regular Baptist Church Jefferson County, Illinois land records Private papers of Henry H. Hartley Membership List Union Primitve Baptist Church Elk Prairie Township, Jefferson County, Illinois The Old Church ledger shows that the church was formed " this 7th day of May 1842". Two seperate lists of members were maintained, one for the men and one for the women. Likewise, the men and women entered the church house by seperate doors and sat on separate sides of the buildings. There are two church ledgers. The first covers the period from 7 May 1842 through Saturday before the 2d Sunday in March 1885. The second ledger is continuous until the last minutes are recorded dated "Saturday Night before the second Sunday in July 1912". Information for the following two lists was obtained from the church minutes as well as the lists of members. The spelling of names frequently varied. Census reports and marriage records of Jefferson and Franklin counties, Illinois were used to help identify the women since many women became church members using their maiden names but had married names when they left the church for whatever reason. Code: Recd by- received by Exp - spiritual experience L - letter into membership from/ to another church Dis by - dismissed by Exc ul - excluded from the curch for some infringement of rule Res - restored to membership Men's Names Allen, James A. Recd by Exp Jun 1883; Excl Jun 1906 Atchisson, Samuel - Recd by L May 1860; Dis by L Mar 1865 Binion, John - Recd by Relation Apr. 1845; Excl Oct. 1863 Carney (Karney, Kearney), Benjamin L. - Recd by Exp May 1857; Dis by L. Mar. 1867; Recd by L may 1869; Excl Apr. 1877 Res Jan.1881 Carson, John C. Recd by Exp Jun. 1889; Excul Sep. 1901 Carson, John H. Recd by Esp Aug. 1865; Excul Nov. 1882 Cash, Clabourn J. (Charter member) Recd by L. 7 May 1842; Dis by L Oct. 1847 Chalmer, William - Recd by L Oct, 1844; Dis by L. Nov. 1845 Chamberlin, Samuel - Recd by L Mar 1863; Dis by L Oct. 1863 Clampet, Isaac D. - Recd by Exp May 1850; Dis by L. Mar. 1865 Recd by L ; Excl Sept. 1900. Clampet William - Recd by Exp Jun 1850; Excl Oct 1863; Res Feb 1875 Cochram, John - Recd by Exp Aug. 1852; Excl Feb 1860; Res Mar 1860 Dis by L Mar 1860 Cook, Charlie - Recd by Exp Sept. 1903 Cox, Avner - Recd by Exp ; Dis by L Mar. 1865 Darington (Derington), George W. - Reed by Exp Mar. 1860; Dis by L Oct. 1863; Recd by L May 1865 Darington, Thomas B. Recd by Exp Nov. 1880 Dodds, John - Recd by Exp. Nov. 1849 Men's Names Cont. Downen, G. Tillman - Recd by Exp Aug. 1890; Excul Jun 1906 Downen (Downey), George - Recd by Exp Apr. 1888 Dudley, William - Recd by Exp Sept. 1868 Duncan, James F. Recd by L Jun. 1844; Dis by L Aug 1853 Eubanks, James - Recd by Exp Jul 1886 Fitzgerrell, William E. Recd by Exp Apr 1844 Fleener, Isaac - Recd by Exp May 1850 Flener, John (Charter member) Recd by L2 May 1842; Dis by L Dec 1843 Frizzell, William - Recd by L Sept 1868 Gammon, John H. - Recd by L Apr. 1881; Dis by L Nov. 1882 Graham, William - Recd by Exp Nov. 1879 Green, James - Recd by L May 1885 Greene, Lewis - Recd by Exp Mar 1862; Dis by L Oct 1865 Hail, Meshec - Recd by Exp Dec. 1844; Dis by L Apr. 1846 Hall, Nathaniel - Recd by Exp May 1850 Hamilton, Vinson (Vincent) - Recd by Exp Aug 1898 Harris, William - Recd by L Dec. 1857 Hartley, Joseph (Charter member) - Recd by L 7 May 1842; Dis by L Mar 1865 Hartley, Henry H. - Recd by Exp Oct. 1885; Excul Jul. 1900 Hensley, James W. - Recd by Exp Oct. 1885; Excul Nov. 1887 Hillen, Lewis - Recd by Exp Sept. 1859 Hull, David - Recd by L Feb. 1845; Dis By L Oct. 1845 Hull, Jesse - Recd by L Jan. 1845; Dis By L Aug. 1845 Jones, Carrel (Carol) - Recd by Exp Jan. 1860; Excul May 1876 Res Mar 1878; Dis By L. Oct 1894 Jones, James - Recd by Exp - Recd by Exp Feb 1869; Dis By L Octt 1869 Jones, Jothan - Recd by Exp Jun. 1887 Jones, Oscorr R. - Recd by Exp Aug. 1881; Dis By L Oct. 1885 Jones, Thomas - Recd by L Mar 1860 Jones, Wiley - Recd by Exp Nov. 1859; Excul Feb 1877; Res Nov. 1879 Jones, Willis - Recd by Exp Sep. 1870 Kelly, Mathew - Recd by Exp Oct 1898; Ecul Jul. 1900 Kelley, Nathan T. - Recd by L May 1865 Keller, Joseph - Recd by Exp Aug. 1853; Dis By L Apr. 1854 Lucas, Volney - Recd by L Feb. 1845; Excul Mar 1848 Martin, Andrew - Recd by Exp Mar 1882; Excul Jun 1906 Martin, David - Recd by Exp Nov. 1869 Martin, John - Recd by L Sep. 1847 Miflin, William (Charter member) - Recd by L 7 May 1842; Dis By L Aug 1847 Mooneyham, David A. - Recd by Exp May 1862 McClennand (McClendon), Riley - Recd by Exp Mar 1860: Dis By L Aug 1876 Men's Names Cont. Nash, James - Recd by L Feb 1846: Dis By L Aug 1847 Norris, John D. - Recd by Exp Aug. 1891 Pierce, Richard - Recd by LJun 1865: Dis By L. Mar 1870 Quin, Samuel - Recd by Exp. May 1880: Excul Mar 1886 Reed, James M. - Recd by L Dec. 1867; Dis By L May 1869 Reeves (Reaves), Barnes - Recd by L Nov. 1844 Reeves, James S. - Recd by Exp Jun 1860; Ecxul Nov. 1885; Res Jun 1896 Ridenour, Henry - Recd by L May 1861; Dis By L Feb. 1864 Ridenour, John - Recd by Exp May 1862; Dis By L Mar 1865 Robinson, Major - Recd by Exp May 1896; Excul Sept 1903 Rushing, William W. - Recd by L Sept 1868; Dis By L Apr. 1873; - Recd by L Nov. 1873; Excul Oct. 1890 Spain, John A. - Recd by L Oct. 1869 Standley, Young - Recd by L May 1874; Dis By L Nov 1874 Stewart, John - Recd by L Jan 1844; Dis By L Aug 1849 Trout, John - Recd by L Apr 1867; Dis By L Apr 1879 Tucker, Thomas - Recd by Exp Aug 1852; Dis By L Oct 1853 Vaun (Vaughn), Christopher - Recd by Exp Jan 1852; Dis By L Aug 1853 Watts, John D. - Recd by Exp Jul 1860; Excul Nov 1863 Webb, Daniel R. - Recd by Exp. Dec. 1879; Excul Sept 1900 Webb, Edward T. - Recd by L Mar 1861; Dis By L Aug 1866 Whitlow, A.P. - Recd by L Jul. 1850; Dis By L Oct 1852; - Recd by L Apr. 1869; Dis By L Mar. 1871 Witte (Wiette), Sheals - Recd by _ Around 1861 Williams, John - Recd by Exp Nov 1851 Willis, Sherman - Recd by Exp. Oct. 1895; Excul Sept 1900 Winn, James A. - Recd by L May 1893 Wyatt, James S. - Recd by Exp Jun 1878; Excul Apr 1895 Youngblood, John J. - Recd by Exp Aug 1869 Women's Names Abner, Elisabeth M. - Recd by - ; Dis By L Nov 1865 Allen, Mary Jane Martin - Recd by Exp Jun 1883; Excul Aug 1911 Asberry, Marget Ann - Recd by Exp Aug. 1890 Atchisson, Arzilla M. - Recd by L May 1860; Dis By L Mar 1865 Blaisure, Marget E. Asbery - Recd by Exp Aug 1890 Blan, Mary - Recd by _ ; Excul Dec. 1881 Britton, Martha Martin - Recd by Exp Oct. 1860 Carson, Edna - Recd by Exp Aug 1894; Excul Apr 1900 Carson, Malissa - Recd by Exp Oct 1894; Wxcul Sept 1903 Carson, Sarah - Recd by Relation Apr 1866 Chamberlin, Evaline - Recd by L Jul 1861; Dis By L Feb 1864 Clampet, Dialtha Dudley - Recd by Exp Jun 1861; Dis By L Mar 1865 - Recd by L _ ; Excul Sept 1900; Women's Names Cont. Clampet, Eliza - Recd by Exp Aug 1850 Clampet, Fanny (Charter member) - Recd by L 7 May 1842 Clampet, Mary - Recd by Exp Jun 1878; Excul Cook, Martha J. - Recd by L Aug 1894; Excul Cothhorn, Catherine - Recd by Exp. Nov. 1865; Dis By L. Jul 1866 Cox, Mariah - Recd by _ prior to 1855 Crouch, Lucinda Junkins - Recd by Exp Jan 1880 Crouch, Thiebead - Recd by Exp Crouch, Rebecca Harris - Recd by Exp. Jul 1873; Excul Dec. 1888 Darnell, Anna - Recd by _ ; Excul Sept 1900 Defur, Matilda Jane Kelley - Recd by Exp Feb 1880; Dis By L May 1890 Derington, Rachel - Recd by Exp Mar 1860; Dis By L Oct 1863 - Recd by L. May 1865 Derington, Susan - Recd by Exp ; Excul Feb. 1902 Derrington, menerva - Recd by Exp Dodds, Anna - Recd by Exp. Nov 1867; Excul Sep 1900 Dodds, Emaline Keller - Recd by L. Jun 1850 Downen, Ada J. - Recd by Exp Aug 1890; Excul Jun 1906 Downen. Lyddy A. Crouch - Recd by Exp Apr 1880 Drew, Emaline Clampet - Recd by Exp. Dec 1850; Dis By L Aug 1886 Dudley, Adaline - Recd by Exp Jun 1888 Dudley, Louisa C. - Recd by Exp Jan 1880; Excul Aug 1881; Res Dudley, Manerva - Recd by Exp Aug 1868 Dudle, Martha - Recd by Exp Jun 1888; Excul Nov 1889 Duncan, Rosalie - Recd by L Jun 1844; Dis By L Aug 1853 Eubanks, Nancy - Recd by L Jun 1850; Excul Mar 1857; Res Nov 1859 Fitzgerrell, Nancy E. Martin - Recd by Exp ; Excul Dec. 1900 Fitzgerrell, Sarah M. - Recd by Exp. May 1883; Excul Dec. 1886 Flener, Mary E. - Recd by Exp Apr 1878 Flener, Sarah (Charter member) - Recd by L 7 May 1842; Excul Apr 1843; Res Dec. 1843; Dis By L Dec. 1843 Flener, Susan - Recd by Exp Aug 1880 Frizzell, Nancy - Recd by L Sept 1868 Gambrel, Elizabeth - Recd by L Jun 1848; Dis By L jun 1849 Gilbert, Mary C. 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Hnley, Emma - Recd by ; Excul Jul 1906; REs Jul 1912; Dis By L Jul 1912 Hicks (Hix), Amanda Dodds - Recd by L Jun 1853; Excul Sept 1900 Hicks, Mary Catherine Bravard - Recd by Exp Jun 1896; Excul Sep 1900 Hillman, Sarah (Charter member) - Recd by L 7 May 1842; Dis By L Nov 1843 Hull, Sarah - Recd by L Feb 1845; Dis By L Oct 1845 Hull, Elizabeth - Recd by L Jan 1845; Dis By L Aug 1845 Jones, Ama - Recd by Exp Dec 1888; Excul Jones, Amanda - Recd by Exp Aug 1869; Dis By L Oct. 1869 Jones, Betsy Jane - Recd by Exp Nov 1859 Jones, Delila Jane - Recd by Exp ; Excul Dev 1873; Res Mar 1878; Dis by L Oct 1894 Jones, Elizabeth - Recd by L Mar 1860 Jones, Elizabeth Clampet - Recd by Exp Feb 1851; Dis By L Jun 1857 Jones, Jane - Recd by Exp Feb 1860 Jones, Marget R. - Recd by L Jul 1869 Jones, Matilda - Recd by Res Aug 1850 Jumper, Ma garet J. - Recd by Exp May 1881; Excul Sep 1900 Junkins, Mary Lucinda Hartley Fitzgerrell - Recd by Exp Jun 1850; Excul Aug 1862; Res Feb 1868; Excul Sep 1900 Karney, America Martin - Recd by Exp Jul 1851; Dis By L Mar 1867; - Recd by L Jan 1868; Dis By L Apr 1877 Keller, Elizabeth -Green - Recd by L Jun 1850 Keller, Margaret - Recd by Exp Aug 1853; Dis By L Apr 1854 Kelley, Malinda - Recd by Exp Nov 1879 Kelley, Nancy - Recd by L May 1865 Lusk, Martha A. 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Willis - Recd by Exp Jun 1878; Excul Jun 1885 Stewart, Susan - Recd by L Jan 1844; Dis By L Aug 1849 Trout, Malinda - Recd by L Apr 1867 Trout, Mary A. - Recd by Exp Jun 1874 Tucker, (Wife of Thomas) - Recd by ; Dis By L Oct 1853 Vaun (Vaughn), Wife of Christopher) - Recd by ; Dis By L Aug 1853 Ward, Prudence Reeves - Recd by Exp Feb 1851; Excul Feb 1856; Res Nov 1879 Webb, Elnora Hamilton - Recd by Exp May 1883; Excul Sep 1900 Webb, Martha Ann Fitzgerrell - Recd by Exp Sep 1873 Webb, Nancy Stilly - Recd by L Mar 1861; Dis By L May 1881 Wells, Mary L. Asbery - Recd by Exp Aug 1890; Excul Sep 1903 West, Sarah - Recd by Exp Oct 1878 White, Mary Jane Fitzgerrell - Recd by Exp Jan 1880; Dis By L Apr 1886; Excul Sep 1900 Whitlow, Elizabeth M. - Recd by L Apr 1869; Dis By L Mar 1871 Wicks, Mary Ann - Recd by Exp Nov 1879; Dis By L Jul 1883 Wicks, Mary E. - Recd by Exp Mar 1889 Wicks, Sarah - Recd by (a member in 1906) Wiette (Witte), Elizabeth - Recd by ; Excul Dec. 1878 Witte (Wiatte), Sarah E. Willis - Recd by Exp Nov 1879; Excul Sep 1900 Wilkerson, Angeletta - Recd by L Jan 1880; Dis By L Dec 1881 Williams, Elizabeth - Recd probably early 1850's Willis, Ann Eliza Cockrum - No date given, probably early 1850's Willis, Mary E. Hartley Kirkpatrick - Recd by Exp Jun 1890; Excul Sep 1900 Winn, Leevina (Lubina) - Recd by L May 1893 Offices Held in Union Primitive Baptist Church Elk Prairie Township, Jefferson County, Illinois Deacons Elected Ordained 1844 Jul James F. Duncan 1867 Jan 1867 May John Martin and John Dodds 1880 Mar 1880 May George Darington and William Graham Trustees 1857 Mar John Martin William E. Fitzgerrell William Clampet 1871 Mar David Martin James Reeves William Harris 1899 Jul James Allen Henry H. Hartley Vincent Hamilton 1906 May (to fill vacancies due to exculsion of members) George Downen Charlie Cook Meeting House Sexton 1850 Mar Barnes Reaves and John Martin 1859 Mar William Fitzgerrell and B.L. Carney 1860 Mar J. Whitesides 1861 Edmond Webb 1862 Apr Edmond (Edward) Webb (paid 2.50 per year) 1863 Apr Edmond Webb (paid $5.00 per year) 1864 1865 1866 1867 1868 Barnes Reeves 1869 Jul Barnes Reeves 1870 1871 1872 Jul Barnes Reeves 1873 1874 Jun Barnes Reeves (paid) 1875 May Nathan Kelley 1876 Aug Nathan Kelley 1877 Jul George Derington 1878 May George Derington 1879 Jun George Derington 1880 Jun Sheals Witte 1881 Jun Sheals Witte Meeting House Sexton Cont. 1882 Jun Thomas B. Darington 1883 Jun Daniel Webb 1884 Jul Daniel Webb 1884 Jul Daniel Webb (paid $ 8.00 per year) 1885 Jun James Allen 1886 Jul Henry H. Hartley 1887 Jul James Green 1888 Jul Thomas Derington 1889 Jul Daniel Webb 1890 Jun George Downen 1891 Jun James Allen 1892 Jun John D. Norris (Paid $10.00 per year) 1893 Jun George Downen (paid $10.00 per year) 1894 Nov James Allen (to fill unexpired term) 1894 Jun Daniel R. Webb 1895 Jun B.T. Downen 1896 Jun James Winn 1897 Jun James Allen 1898 Jun George Downen 1899 Jul George Downen 1900 - 1912 No Sexton recorded in Minutes. Offices Held in Union Primitive Baptist Church Elk Prairie Township, Jefferson County, Illinois Association Date Moderator Clerk Delegates In Case of Failure Fund 1842 May Joseph Hartley C.J. Cash 1843 Jul Joseph Hartley C.J. Cash 1844 Jul Joseph Hartley C.J. Cash (Joined Southern Illinois Association) Aug 1845 Jul Joseph Hartley C.J. Cash Joseph Hartley 1846 Jun Joseph Hartley James Nash Barnes Reeves Aug C.J. Cash Joseph Hartley C.J. Cash James Nash (Church request letter of dismission from 1847 Aug Joseph Hartley Barnes Reeves Southern Illinois Association to join Sept the Bethel Association) Joseph Hartley James Duncan 1848 Sept. Joseph Hartley Barnes Reeves Barnes Reeves Joseph Hartley John Martin 1849 Aug Joseph Hartley Barnes Reeves Barnes Reeves Joseph Hartley John Martin Barnes Reeves 1850 Aug Joseph Hartley William Clampet Sep Joseph Hartley Barnes Reeves A.P. Whitlow Joseph Harley Wm E. Fitzgerrell $1.50 1851 Aug William Clampet Barnes Reeves Association Date Moderator Clerk Delegates In Case of Failure Fund 1852 Jun Joseph Hartley Barnes Reaves Joseph Hartley John Dodds Aug William Clampet Barnes Reeves 1853 Jul Joseph Hartley Isaac D. Clampet Aug Joseph Hartley John Dodds $2.00 William Clampet Barnes Reeves 1854 Joseph Hartley Barnes Reeves Aug John Dodds William Clampet 1855 May Joseph Hartley Isaac D. Clampet Aug Joseph Hartley John Dodds William Clampet Barnes Reeves 1856 Aug Joseph Hartley William Clampet Barnes Reeves John Dodds 1857 Aug Joseph Hartley John Dodds William Clampet Barnes Reeves 1858 Jul Joseph Hartley Isaac D. Clampet Joseph Hartley William Clampet Aug John Martin Barnes Reeves 1859 Aug Joseph Hartley Barnes Reeves William Clampet John Martin 1860 May Joseph Hartley Isaac D. Clampet Joseph Hartley Wiley Jones Aug William Harris & John Martin Association Date Moderator Clerk Delegates In Case of Failure Fund 1861 Aug Joseph Hartley James Reeves Isaac D. Clampet John Dodds 1862 Jul Joseph Hartley Isaac D. Clampet Aug Joseph Hartley John Dodds $2.50 John Martin Isaac D. Clampet 1863 Jun Joseph Hartley Isaac D. Clampet Aug Joseph Hartley Barnes Reeves John Martin Isaac D. Clampet 1864 Jun Joseph Hartley Isaac D. Clampet Aug Joseph Hartley John Dodds John Martin Dec Barnes Reeves 1865 May Moses Neal John Martin Richard Pierce Aug John Dodds Barnes Reeves 1866 May Moses Neal John Dodds Aug Barnes Reeves Richard Pierce John Martin John Dodds 1867 Aug John Martin John Carson Richard Pierce Dec Elijah T. Webb John Dodds 1868 Apr John Dodds Aug John Carson Richard Pierce Aug John Martin John Dodds Official Record of The Waltonville Charge Methodist Church 1 16 J.P. Watson Pastor Submitted by Anita Gilbert Holloway Note- this little pamphlet belonged to Anita's grandmother, Mrs. Charles Gilbert. (Amanda Wells Gilbert) It listed the membership for churches at Dryden, Waltonville, Woodlawn and Union Methodist Church. It also contained Ads for several local merchants and a few bits of wit. Membership at Waltonville: Met 1st Sunday of each month at 11 A.M. and 7;30 P.M. Epworth League every Sunday 6:30 P.M. Sunday S. 10 A.M. J.W. Jeffries Trustee Chas. E. Bevis " Mary Martin David E. Hicks " Lizzie Martin Mrs. Charles Gilbert " Earl Hamilton Mrs. Ida Newell " Florence Jeffries D.E. Hicks Sunday School Supt. Walton Hodge C.E. Lannom, Pres. E. League Elsie Hodge Earnest McLaughlin, Exhort Maggie Norris James Newell Laura Baldridge Lucy Newell Mrs. Nellie Bevis W.R. Newell Rosella Boswell Idella Newell H.P. Daniel Walter Philp Mary Daniel Hattie Reed Elizabeth Dees Beulah Reed Kate Dees S.B. Rushing Harry Dees Mrs Rushing Edgar Daniel Zella Rushing Charles B. Gilbert Etta Rushing Hattie Hicks Luther Rushing Harley Martin Mrs. Luther Rushing Mary Stowers Edward Smith Hattie Hirons Betty Smith Dryden Class Met 2d Sun. of each month 11 A.M., 3 P.M., Sunday S 10 A.M. R.W. Allen Trustee Sarah Allen Agness Metcalf William T. Allen " Joel Allen James Ray F.M. Smith " Charlie Allen Margaret Smith A.A. Denton " Mary Allen Albert W. Smith R.W. Allen, Steward Nancy Denton James A. Smith Wm. T. Allen " Lizzie Feeman Levi Smith Raymond Crocker, Sunday School Supt. Samuel Smith J.E. Smith Dora Allen Effie Smith Margaret Allen Marion Strickland "You can find anything in the church today from a humming bird to a turkey buzzard." "It don't look to good to the Lord to rollup to church in an automobile and then drop a quarter in the basket." Woodlawn Charge-- Services 3d Sun. each month 11 A.M. and 7:30 P.M. Sunday School 10 30 A.M. John Spangler Trustee Olive Hall Angeline Robinson M.E. Dycus " Elsie Corrol Eras s Trout A.L. Hall " Mary Lemon Alie Woods E.H. Hall " Mrs. Eubanks Ward Vanvelson Nellie Welborn " Jessie Eubanks G.B. Welborn Fannie Vanvelson, Steward Walter Eubanks Hattie Slade Luella Smith " C.A. Piper Dan Bourland Nannie Scarborough " Lella Piper Orlie Bourland Fannie Vanvelson, Pres. Aid Elsie Peterson Laura Zimmer Lillie Payne Lillie Zimmer James Dycus Myrtle Richel Lettie Dycus A.M. Bourland Emma Sides Aletha Dixon S.C. Bourland One Vanvelson Emma Grissom Mrs. John Spangler Eva Hill Percy B. Stevenson Mary Reed Sarah Smith "The more oyster soup and ice cream it takes to run a church the faster it goes to the devil." Union Class 4th Sunday at 11 A.M. and 7 30 P.M., Sun. S. 10 A.M., Union Bldg. E.S. Lacy Trustee Mary Danner Erma Lacy A.D. Rightnowar, Steward Ellen Harshbarger Anna Rightnowar Ella Lacy W.M. Reynolds Anna Danner John Lacy Alice Reynolds Jewel Danner Bell Lacy Advertisements The Farmers Bank, Waltonville, Illinois Capitalized by over 40 farmers and business men of this community with an individual responsibility of $500,00.00 T.H. Mannen President, John D. Hirons Cashier The Waltonville Bank, O.P. Norris President, S.S. Mannen Vice Pres. Knox Gee Cashier, Walter Philp Asst. Cashier. Winn Lumber Company John T. Fry and Sons Dry Goods, Groceries, Shoes, Clothing, Hats, Caps, Hardware and Queensware. Kirkpatrick and Hester, Mfg. of Harness, Saddles and strapwork. Dealers in Lap robes, horse blankets and whips. We also have the best buggies, wagons and all farm implements on hand. If you want filtered gasoline stop at our place in front. Frank P. Hester, Dealer in General Merchandise, East Side, Ealtonville Charle Bevis advertised the Round Oak Iron Chief Kitchen Range complete with water reservoir to heat water. Price, $42.00 to $58.50 Mrs. Hattie Reed advertised New and Up to Date Millinery R.D. Flanagan advertised Dry Goods and Groceries on West Side Waltonville "It is a stingy, narrow guage, sin warped good for nothing people that is willing for their pastor to go to Conference without his money on a year like this."

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