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-   Left blank                  
?   Can't read entry            
AL  Alabama                     
AK  Arkansas                    
AS  Alsace/Alsiss               
AT  Altenburg                   
AU  Austria                     
AZ  Azores                      
BD  Baden                       
BP  Bayern?, Prussia            
BR  Buren                       
BS  Badish, Schartzwald         
BV  Bavaria                     
CN  Canada              
CO  Colorado                    
CT  Connecticut                 
CU  Cuba                        
DC  District of Columbia        
DK  Don't know                  
DL  Delaware                    
DR  Darnstradt                  
EN  England                     
FM  Frankfort on the Mayne      
FR  France                      
GA  Georgia                     
GN  Guinea                      
GR  Germany                     
HC  Hesse Cassel                
HD  Hesse Darmstadt             
HE  Hesse                       
HG  Hungry                      
HL  Holland                     
HM  Hamburg, Germany
HN  Hanover             
IJ  Isle of Jersey
IL  Illinois            
IM  Isle of Man 
IN  Indiana                     
IO  Iowa                        
IT  Italy       
KN  Kansas
KY  Kentucky
LA  Louisiana
LC  L. Canada
Ma  Ma is on the census, 
    probably Massachusetts
MA  Massachusetts
MD  Maryland
ME  Maine
MI  Michigan
MK  Mecklenburg
MN  Minnesota
MO  Missouri
MS  Mississippi
MX  Mexico
NB  Neurtemburg
NE  Nebraska
NC  North Carolina
NG  Nassau, Germany
NH  New Hampshire
NS  Nova Scotia
NY  New York
OH  Ohio
OL  Oldenborg
ON  Ontario, Canada
OO  Looks like it says 
    On the Ocean
PA  Pennsylvania
PP  Prussian Poland
PR  Prussia
QB  Quebec, Canada
QD  Qud?
RI  Rhode Island
RS  Russia
SA  Savitz
SC  South Carolina
SH  Schlenwig
ST  Scotland
SW  Sweden
SX  Saxon
SZ  Switzerland
TN  Tennessee
TX  Texas
VA  Virginia
VT  Vermont
WL  Wales
WI  Wisconsin
WP  West Prussia
WR  Wurtenburg
WT  Wittenburg
WV  West Virginia
YO  Yorkshire, England
adpdau  adopted daughter
adpson  adopted son
dau     daughter
son     son
stpda   stepdaughter
stpsn   stepson
nce     niece
nph     nephew
grdau   granddaughter
grson   grandson
Grgrson  great grandson
btr     brother
str     sister
grdmtr  grandmother
m/inlaw mother in law
s/inlaw sister in law
sn/inlaw son in law
b/inlaw  brother in law
d/inlaw  daughter in law
f/inlaw father in law
errboy  errand boy
brder   border
hrdman  hired man
srvt    servant
M       after an age Mulatto
B       after an age Black
(F)     female
(M)     male
Example 30/39 could be either age
N/R     No relation

Blank Census Form

1880 Mortality Schedule
Transcribed By 
Bald Hill
Kay Robinson
Curtis Blake
Kay Robinson
Phyllis Patterson 
Patti Stolp 
Mary Smith 
Betty Albright 
Kay Robinson 
Fred Vallowe 
Stefanie Richardson

Elk Prairie
Dean Hildreath
Sandy Clark Leidenheimer 
Dean Hildreath
Gina Ellis 
Kay Robinson 
Susan Long 
Grand Prairie
Bob Sander-Cederlof 
Peggy Crowley
Sharlet Bigham LaBarbara
Sharlet Bigham LaBarbera
Cindy Ford
Moores Prairie
Sharlet Bigham LaBarbera 
Mt. Vernon Part 1

Mt. Vernon Part 2
Sharlet Bigham LaBarbera
Phyllis Patterson 
Stephanie Richardson 
David Herron 
Linda Hindman 
Peggy Crowley 
Sharlet Bigham LaBarbera
Peggy Crowley
Lori Leonard
Cindy Ford
Spring Garden
Cindy Ford
Stefanie Richardson
Lori Leonard

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