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Wilbanks Cemetery
Koons Farm Cemetery
Indexed By: Misty Flannigan & Cindy Ford

Photos Submitted By: Cindy Ford
April 3, 2004

With the use of Dowsing Rods it is known 
that there are eighty-eight graves most 
of these are unmarked or marked 
with only a broken sandstone


Boster, Susan                   1813             1841            Consort of Geo. Boster
Compton, Margaret Elizabeth     Oct 27, 1808     Aug 17, 1842    consort of J.W.Compton 33y0m8d
P.S.                            1836, Oct 14                     only thing on stone 
Rado                            No other info                           
Richede, Christian              C EST. DC          
Wilbanks, Luke S.               Feb.12,1866      Oct.07,1875             
Wilbanks, Douglas P.            Nov.06,1853      April 03,1879   25y 6m
Wilbanks, Robert A.D.           April 06,1805    July 06,1847    b.Spartansburg S.C.closer view
Wilbanks, Madeline S."Arrington"Sept.03,1812     April 13,1849   b.Livingston,KY closer view
Wilbanks, Daniel                June 15, 1770    Aug 2, 1844     74y2m12d footstone
Wilbanks, Sarah                 Nov 22, 1812     Nov 22, 1841    28y11m24d
Wilbanks footstone

Most all of the stones are Sandstone with no legible markings below 
are just a few of the stones:

The following listing is from the research of Shirley Payne,
Carollyn Blackwell & Minnie L. Piercy.
With the use of Dowsing Rods it is known that there are eighty-eight
graves most of these are unmarked or marked with only a broken sandstone.
Burials with Stones:
Boster, Susan R. (Susannah)        1813            1841
Compton, Margaret Elizabeth"Peggy" 10-27-1808      8-7-1842     33y??m8d
P.S.                               ????            1836
Riche, Christain                   ????            12-1893
Rotramel, Florence                 1848            1849
Wilbanks, Daniel                   6-15-1770       1844
Wilbanks, Daniel Putnam            11-6-1853       4-3-1879
Wilbanks, Eldorado Candace"Rado"   1-13-1850       12-10-1869
Wilbanks, Luke Arrington           2-12-1866       12-7-1875
Wilbanks, Madeline S.              9-3-1812        1849
Wilbanks, Robert Abraham Davis"RAD"4-6-1805        7-6-1847
Wilbanks, Sarah                    11-22-1812      11-22-1841
Wilkey, Bennett Maxey              ca 1793         11-14-1881
Wilkey, Jane                       10-11-1796      11-28-1878
Buchanan, David                    1844            3-19-1881
Hunter, William                    ca 1763         7-11-1878    85y2m
Jones, Cely                        8-27-1877       9-4-1878     1y1m7d
Stringer, Annie                    3-8-1873        3-28-1880    17y1m7d
Wilbanks, Jane                     7-16-1773       3-28-1880
Willis, Francis E.                 10-1869         3-20-1880


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