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Rightnowar Cemetery

Walked and Indexed by: Cindy Ford 
July 25,1999

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The Rightnowar Cemetery is located on privately owned land. It is located in
the northeast quarter of Section 17, McClellan Twp.
The original land entry book for Jefferson County, IL indicates that on Feb.5,1841
George Rightnowar purchased the west half of the northeast quarter which includes
the area where the cemetery is located. On Nov.12,1855, Jerusha Rightnowar purchased 
the east half of the northwest quarter. 

     | Bean, Adam A.               1896                1958    
     | Bean, Amanda E.             1878                1941    
     | Bean, George W.             1874                1959    
     | Bean, Mary A.               1908                1978    
     | Bean, Sarah L.              1857                1924    
     | Bean, W.A.                  1859                1935    
     | Brown, Violet Louise        Aug.18,1927         Aug.18,1928             

     | Elliston, Mary D.           Dec.30, 1863        July 30,1919            
     | Elliston, Oliver P.         Dec.18,1868         Nov.09,1927             

     | Ford, Jeptha C.                                                     SP/AM Co.A IL Inf. 
     | Ford, Willa D.              April 02,1892       April 08,1932       wife of W.D.                

     | Giles, Cyrus                July 19,1796        Sept.02,1872            
     | Giles, Mary A.                                  Nov.27,1893         22y 2m 21d
     | Giles, Mary E.              1806                1913    
     | Giles, Thomas               May 20,1844         Jan.13,1879             
     | Grahlherr, Fred             1885                1917    
     | Grahlherr, Nellie           1889                1964    

     | Hart, Carmela               Sept.10,1916        Jan.27,1998             
     | Hart, Elmer Eugene          Aug.17,1915         Nov.11,1993         Military Marker Navy WWII           
     | Hicks, Dean Mifflin         Jan.10,1913         Jan.28,1913             
     | Hicks, G.M.D.               Nov.24,1845         Dec.30,1905             
     | Hicks, George P.            1879                No Dates        
     | Hicks, M.E.                 April 13,1843       May 13, 1920                
Obit | Hicks, Mattie L.            1882                No Dates        

     | Knox, Betty E.              June 20,1927        Jan.24,1982         Pic on stone          
     | Knox, Louis M. Sr.          July 14,1922        No Dates            Pic on stone 

     | Lenington. Parry N.         June 02,1881        Oct.13,1894         son of JH&LB        

     | Mandrall, Sarah             Dec.30,1839         No Dates            wife of W.  
     | Mandrall, Wesley                                Mar.13,1901         64y 
     | Mandrel, James              1848                1898                closer view
     | Mandrel, Jurusaha           1854                1919                closer view

     | Rea, John Wesley            June 16,1859        May 17,1928             
     | Rightenour, Nancy E.                            Jan.02,1879         27y 9m 9d
     | Rightenour, Sarah                                                   5m
     | Rightenour, Sarah Elizabeth 1840                1880    
     | Rightenour, Sarah M.                    
     | Rightnowar, Adam            Mar.29,1824         Feb.14,1902             
     | Rightnowar, Ann Eliza       Aug.06,1828         July 28,1901        m.Mar.08,1849 wife of Adam                
     | Rightnowar, Francis         1850                1917    
     | Rightnowar, Geo.                                Nov.18,1843         closer view 64y 
     | Rightnowar, Jerusia                             Sept.16,1857        closer view 64y 
     | Rightnowar, Little Ad       Nov.27,1844         Jan.09,1907             
     | Rightnowar, Mary S.         Oct.20,1856         No Dates            wife of Little Ad  
     | Rosenberger,Eugene          Jan.19,1872         Jan.20,1963
     | Rosenberger,Laurada         Feb.3,1876          Jan.12,1909
     | Rutherford, Elizabeth       Mar.03,1852         Nov.10,1923             
     | Rutherford, Emma B.         1870                1958    
     | Rutherford, Francis M.      1870                1932    
     | Rutherford, James Henry                         Aug.27,1868     
     | Rutherford, John M.         July 27,1850        April 22,1923           
     | Rutherford, William B.      June 05,1861        May 22,1896             

     | Salyer, Ruth "Hicks"        May 16,1904         Nov.10,1918             
     | Shelton, Sylvia F.          June 21,1936        No Dates                
Obit | Shelton, William            Nov.14,1923         Jan.06,1982         Military Marker WWII                
     | Stone Broken                Jan.20,1840         Jan.04,1871         According to notes this would be King,George"Dan"   

     | Taylor, John R.             Feb.10,1863         Aug.26,1918             
     | Taylor, M.J.                Oct.15,1835         Feb.25,1872         wife of D.B.        
     | Taylor, S.C.                April 28,1861       Oct.14,1864         dau of D&M
     | Taylor, Zelda               April 11,1876       May 01,1958             
     | Terry, Thelma               1906                1926    
     | Wells, Anna                 April 01,1888       Jan.10,1889             
Obit | WELLS, Archie Omer 
     | Wells, Eliza                Nov.16,1886         Nov.19,1886             
     | Wells, G.D.                 April 22,1854       Aug.08,1929             
     | Wells, James L.             Nov.28,1875         May 10,1946     
     | Wells, Lavina               Nov.14,1856         Feb.08,1928             
     | Wells, Luela                May 21,1890         Dec.31,1890             
     | Wells, Meda R.              Mar.03,1892         Aug.17,1915             
     | Wells, Veda                 Mar.03,1892         Aug.03,1892 

The following were sent to me by Jerry Rightnour
from records compiled by Doris "Rightnowar" Brown.
Bean, W.A.                  Unmarked b.1859    d.1935   s/o Peter A.Bean 
Bean, Charles E.                     b.1903

Bean, Robert K.                      b.1941    d.1941   stillborn s/o Arthur E.&Wanda"Wilfong" Bean
Submitted By: Betsy Bean Way, daughter of Alfred Arthur Bean
The still born son of my father and Wanda "Wilfong" Bean  
was Roger Kent and he is buried with Wanda at Bethel Cemetery in Mt. Vernon.
Two of my dad's infant brothers, Donald and Charles are buried at Rightnowar.  
They were previously in unmarked graves, but before my father died in 2008 
he had a headstone erected.

Bean, Stanton                        b.1885    d.1904   s/o Adam & Sarah "Dees" Bean
Bean, There are seven infant children of Adam & Sarah "Dees" Bean buried here
Braiden, Dirusha                     b.1859    d.1896

Flanagan, Bonnie Ann                                    8 days d/o Alva & Antoinette"Wilson"Flanagan

Gilbert, Ida F.                      b.1902    d.1913
Giles, Mary J.                       b.1857    d.1878   d/o Cyrus Gilbert

Hamlin, Martha E.                    b.1880    d.1926   w/o Homer d/o David B.& Sylba"Russell"Taylor
Hirons, Martha Jerusha"Rightnowar"                      w/o James d/o George & Nancy"Overbay" Rightnowar

King, Gemima Goss"Rightnowar"        b.1832    d.1896   d/o George & Jerusha
King, George "Dan"                   b.1840    d.1871   husb/o Gemima Civil War
King, Adam Oliver                    b.1867    d.1898   s/o GR & Gemima husb/o Laura "Bravard"
Lennington, Sarah D. "Bean" Unmarked b.1857    d.1879   dau. of Wm.K.&M.C.Bean w/o Perry W.
Loman, Oscar                Unmarked b.1906             h/o Martha Ellen "Rightnowar"
Loman, Willie & Wilson      Unmarked                    children of Oscar & Martha Loman
Reynolds, Martha Alice "Rightnowar" & Baby     d.1866   wife & Son of Jackson Reynolds
Rightnowar, John            Unmarked b.1864    d.1916
Rightnowar, John Harve      Unmarked b.1840    d.1906
Rightnowar, Hattie M.       Unmarked b.1866    d.1905   w/o Sam Rightnowar
Rosenberger, Eugene                  b.1882    d.1963   s/o Victor & Mary J."Robinson"
Rosenberger, Laurada                 b.1876    d.1909   w/o Eugene d/o James & Jerusha A."Rightnowar"Mandrell

Vaughn, Susan W. "Laney" Bean        b.1855    d.
Vaughn, Virnie                       b.1889    d.1890

Wells, Martha E.                     b.1857    d.1882
Wells, Nancy P.                      b.1851    d.1911
Wells, Omer                          5-10-1880 4-28-1951
Wells, Neva                                              d/o Omer & Hattie Wells
Wells, Adam "Add"                    b.1885    d.1948    s/o George Duff & Lavina          


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