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Rentchler Farm Cemetery 
Pendelton Twp. Location: Goshen Lane
Walked & Indexed By: Cindy Ford
April 24, 2000

Photos Submitted By:Cindy Ford * 4-6-2002

There are many unmarked graves and unreadable sandstone
markers. It is not maintained at all, very grown up with
weeds and fallen trees.

Atchison, Prudence      May 1,1778   Apr.??,1848   b. Georgia

Blake, Rebecca M.       Oct.20,1830  Apr.22,1885   w/o John S.
Brewer, Lew W.                       July 18,1864  2y22d s/o BF&SA
Brewer, Wm. H.                       Sept.8,1858   1y7m2d s/oJ&L
Booth, Rueben           Dec.1834     Dec.16,1858
Booth, Samantha A.      Aug.24,1839  Mar.14,1862

Daily, Charles A.                    Sept.4,1861   1y9m20d s/o JR&SC
Daily, Harvey F.                     Aug.20,1888   s/o WD&LA
Daily, Indiana E.                    July 25,1858  2y6m d/o JR&SC
Deen, James W.                       Oct.24,1862   1y1m5d s/oTB&P
Deen, Thos. B.                       Feb.3,1863    29y8m25d
Estes, Edgar E.          Infant      ??? 23,1863   s/o CC&E
Houeworth?, AARD                     Sept.9,1858   74y8m Jefferson County

Jones, Lucinda           Jan.27,1862 Sept.28,1862

Miller, Edith L.                     Apr.18,1859   3y11m d/o JW&HN

Rentchler, John A.                   Apr.20,1863   36y7m19d
Rentchler, Catherine                 May 31,1852   23y3m24d w/o John footstone

Schnodtschimdt, Eliza                Feb.2,1872    42y7m13d w/o John footstone
Snotsmith, Mina O.                   Apr.28,1857   3y2m20d d/oJ&EM
Snotsmith, Louisa H.                 Nov.9,1856    1y1m21d d/o J&EM 
Stratton, Dory May                   9-9-1865      d/o IC&R  

Tackwell, Rebecca                    Feb.1,1874    10m27d d/o PM&PF

Unknown                              Initials HH on other side
Unknown, P.A.
Unknown, Broken Stone
Unknown, Broken Stone
Unknown, Broken Stone
Unknown, Footstone
Unknown, Footstone
Unknown, Footstone AAH
Unknown, Sandstone Marker
Unknown, Sandstone Marker
Unknown, Sandstone Marker
Unknown, Sandstone Marker
Unknown, Sandstone Marker
Unknown, Sandstone Marker
Watkins, Willie S.                   Aug.6,1859    4m10d s/o CG&Emeline P.

**Added from Fred Justice collection:**

Miller, Mary E.                      1864          10y d/o JW&HW


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