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West Salem Cemetery Tidbits

Submitted By: Jim Kirk

Marteena, Geo. W.       no dates                        Co.E 70 IL Inf. 

This may be George W Marteeny as per the following:at
Name: George Marteeny
Also Known As Name: George W. Marteena
Event Type: Military Service
Military Beginning Rank: Private
Military Final Rank: Private
Military Side: Union
State or Military Term: Illinois
Military Unit: 70th Regiment, Illinois Infantry
Military Company: E
Note: Original filed under George W. Marteena 

And he also may be listed as George Martina
He is listed there as enlisting 7/18/1862 at Mt Vernon, IL .

George is not listed as a Jefferson County War of 1861 enlistee under 
any of these names.  
But the "George Merteena" family may have recently returned to Illinois 
from Henry Twp, Vernon Co, Missouri, where they were enumerated in the 1860 
federal census, due to the drought of 1859-1860:
"The 1859-1860 drought shut down water powered mills all over Southwest Missouri." 
Past and Present of Greene County Missouri, 1915 by Jonathan Fairbanks and 
Clyde Edwin Tuck. p151-152

It was the summer of 1860, however, which gave Kansas its reputation for droughts. 
During the fall and winter of 1859-60 but little rain fell. The spring of 1860 
continued dry though there were a few showers that put the ground in condition for 
cultivation. The account of Hartman Lichtenhan, one of the early settlers, as given 
in the Kansas Historical Collections, says: "During the year 1860 not a drop of rain 
fell from the 15th of May until the following January.  Nothing was raised, and in 
consequence provisions were very high. I freighted all summer from Leavenworth and 
Kansas City to the towns in the western part of the territory."

Horace Greeley, in the New York Independent of Feb. 7, 1861, said: "Drought is not
unknown to us; but a drought so persistent and so severe as that which devastated 
Kansas in 1860 is a stranger to the states this side of the Mississippi. No rain, 
or none of any consequence, over an area of 40,000 square miles from seed time to 
harvest. Such has been the woeful experience of seven-eighths of Kansas during 1860."

The settlers were poor, without money to buy provisions at the prevailing prices, 
consequently they grew disheartened and nearly one-fourth of the population left 
the territory for new lands or returned to their old homes in the east.
On Oct. 29, 1860, Thaddeus Hyatt wrote to the war and interior departments:  
"Thousands, of once thrifty and prosperous American citizens are now perishing 
for want.  Winter is upon them; of clothing they are nearly bereft; food they have 
not to last them through the cold season that is approaching.  Some have already 
died; others are daily dying."
Pages 547-549 from volume I of Kansas: a cyclopedia of state history, embracing 
events, institutions, industries, counties, cities, towns, prominent persons, 
etc.... / with a supplementary volume devoted to selected personal history and 
reminiscence. Standard Pub. Co. Chicago : 1912. 3 v. in 4. : front., ill., 
ports.; 28 cm. Vols. I-II edited by Frank W. Blackmar. 

Submitted By: Jean Crowder-Gonzales * [email protected]
Farthing, Lula B.       Mar.07,1894     June 08,1977
Lula B. Bond was buried at West Salem Cemetery  
by her first husband, Walter Raleigh Farthing.  
Just before she passed away made this choice to be buried as Lula Farthing

Submitted By: Dahl Shurtz * [email protected]
Quinn, Moses            1850            1927  Quinn, Moses  s/o Samuel Everett Quinn & Martha "Patsy" Jane (Taylor)Quinn Quinn, Deliah(Terrell)is w/o Moses Quinn should be there also maybe unreadable "Cindy's Note" there are two Unreadable mausoleum type like Moses Quinn next to Moses Quinn Unknown, no name        no dates                        next to Moses Quinn Unknown, no name        no dates                        next to Moses Quinn Quinn, W.W.             Dec.07,1878     Jan.29,1965 Quinn, W.W. is s/o Moses & Deliah (Terrell) Quinn Eater, Jonas            Jun.3,1833      Jul.18,1910 Eater, Jonas-born in Perry Co IL s/o Henry & Elizabeth (Hunter) Eater Jonas was only survivor of 5 children of Henry-Elizabeth (Hunter)Eater  Henry was born in Pennsylvania in 1805 they are buried at the small overgrown  Hatcher Cemetery s-w of DuBois,IL west of Rt 51 Eater, Judith           Mar.23,1835     Sep.24,1910     w/o Jonas Eater, Judith (McLaughlin)-married 1855-w/o Jonas Eater d/o Capt. John M & Martha McLaughlin see their info on this site West Salem Cem Eater, John H.          Sept.28,1856    1945  Eater,John H-s/o Jonas Eater-Judith(McLaughlin)Eater Eater, Mary E.          April 19,1859   Feb.08,1917 Eater, Mary E -w/o John H Eater Eater, Charles          5-12-1885       9-13-1885 Eater, Charles -infant s/o Jonas-Judith(McLaughlin)Eater Eater, Judith?                          1872 Pretty sure this Eater, Judith? is d/o John-Mary E Eater Eater, Martha -d/o Jonas-Judith(McLaughlin)Eater is the w/o Salathiel Lasse Quinn #1  they are buried at Bald Hill Cem Blissville Twp  note most of the rest of the family buried at Tamaroa Cem. Gilbert, Philo          June 14,1821    June 17,1899    another stone Gilbert, Philo born-Decatur; Washington Co,Ohio Gilbert, Harriett       Mar.04,1817     July 12,1901    another stone Gilbert, Harriett is nee(Quinn)  w/o Philo d/o James & Lydia"Liddy"(Turner)born Tennessee they are buried at South Hickory Cem Gilbert, Menzis P.      Jan.12,1857     Aug.15,1864     another stone Gilbert, Menzes P is Philo Menzes s/o Philo-Harriett(Quinn) Gilbert, James Eli      Oct.15,1846     Aug.28,1889 Gilbert, James Eli  s/o Philo-Harriett(Quinn)born Family Homestead,McClellean Twp Gilbert, Susan A.       Oct.02,1850     April 04,1880 Gilbert, Susan A "Susa" nee (Ford) md-1/24/1867-Jefferson Co,IL
Submitted By: John McKleroy * [email protected] Muckelroy, G.W.         1850            1919 Muckelroy, G.W. 1850 1919 Melcher, Theresa        1855            1923 Mucklelroy,Theresa"Melcher"1855 1923 See Melcher Theresa George W. and Theresa Melcher Muckleroy were married in Jefferson County on December 10, 1872 and had two children: Renzo and Ethel. Renzo was on the teaching staff at Mt. Vernon Township High School when it was first organized. He was the first teacher in agriculture at Southern Illinois Normal University and was the head of the Agriculture Department there for many years. Mc?Kle, Robert 1850 19?? Metal marker Listed as MCLERYAY, ROBERT 1939 by Fred Justice Muckleroy, S.C.         Feb.11,1847     Feb.24,1896 Muckleroy, S.C. Feb.11,1847 Feb.24,1896 Robert and Sarah C. (Whitehorn) Muckleroy were married in Jefferson County on November 25, 1869. Their children were George (who died around 4 years old), Annie, Carrel, William and Ellis. The sons moved north to Mattoon, Illinois in the early 1900's dropping the "u" in their last name to McKleroy. Robert was born in Jefferson Co. in abt 1851 and died in Mattoon in 1937. George and Robert were brothers.


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