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South Hickory Hill Cemetery Tidbits

Submitted By: Dahl Shurtz * [email protected]

McClendon, John M.                      Feb,12,1870     4y10m15d
McClendon, John H s/o WR-PA-died-2/12/1870-aged-4y-10mo-15da 
3/27/1865-2/12/1870-the WR-PA stands for William R McClendon-Parnesia A(Quinn)McClendon
McClendon, Parnesia A is Nee (Quinn) -born 1836 Jefferson Co,IL
married William R McClendon-6/10/1852 
Jefferson Co IL she is d/o James Quinn-Mary 'Polly'(Dodds) Quinn 
#2 wife of James Quinn 

Place, Martha S.        no date                         w/o Luther 
Place,Martha S is Nee (Quinn)-born 3/24/1834 Jefferson Co,IL died-3/10/1855-aged-20yr-11mo-17da
{pulled her stone up and got the date}
d/o James Quinn-Mary'Polly'(Dodds)Quinn #2 w/o James
Place, Luther Sidney h/o Martha S (Quinn) Place
married-1/27/1853-Jefferson Co,IL s/o Sidney-Rhoda(Dufur) Place
Place, Luther-born Jefferson Co,IL s/o Sidney-Rhoda(Dufur)was the owner 
of the Davenport-Place Cemetery, married  #2 Melissa Hirons-1/4/1857 
moved his family to Missouri and died-buried there,lived to be over 100 yrs of age.

Quinn, George T.        Jul.22,1865     Feb.24,1894
Quinn, George T-7/22/1865-2/24/1894-aged-28y-7mo-2da
s/o W-Mary(unknown)Quinn
Lomax, Lue E.Quinn      Oct.17,1864     Nov.07,1932
Quinn, Lue E. Lomax E is for Ellen maiden name was JONES 
w/o Joseph C Quinn, #1 marriage was to Joseph C Quinn-6/3/1883
#2 marriage was to Frank Lomax-3/15/1898 
so looks like both her married names are on stone and 
she is buried next to Joseph C #1 husband

*NOTE* the 2 James Quinns are side by side,literally dug 
his stone up out of his grave hole, another one with name 
Mary Keller was under it, the Kellers put in the new family 
stone just east of this one,the McClendon child and Martha Place 
are all buried in a row along with the older James Quinn who is 
father and grandfather tried to locate Mary Dodds stone but it 
looks like 2 stones next to John and Emaline have been broken off 
and discarded that is probably where she is buried next to first husband 
and son,the second James Quinn that found today put his stone back in 
the original slot and next to it on the south located another base but 
stone was gone think it was laying beside the new Keller stone
Quinn, James s/o James-Lydia "Liddy"(Turner)
James wife #1-died-8/19/1875-aged-82yr-28da=7/21/1793-8/19/1875

Quinn, James            1778                            b. in VA 
Quinn, James-bn-1778 in the State of Virginia-died-Jefferson Co-3/7/1852
inscription across top reads THE REVEREND 
{pulled his stone up and got the date}
He was the son of Thomas Quinn born 1756-
James married first Lydia "Liddy"(Turner) born 1784 South Carolina
2nd married Mary "Polly" Dodds) born in North Carolina  married 11/25/1832 
in Jefferson co,IL
Mary Polly (Dodds) Quinn died after the 1870 census was 76 at the time
James Quinn was probably her second marriage as she was living with a 
John & Emaline Dodds at time of census and they are buried at S Hickory 
probably son from first marriage

Quinn, Jennie Ora       1907            1992            d/o Ode&Lizzie
Quinn, Jennie Ora 1907-1992 d/o Ode-Lizzie-d/o Odus D-Etna "Lizzie"(Rogers)
Quinn, Lizzie           1877            1950
Quinn, Etna "Lizzie"(ROGERS) 1877-1950 w/o Odus D Quinn-md-10/12/1897-Jefferson Co,IL

Quinn, Mary             Nov.7,1824      Aug.22,1897     w/o W.54y b. Hickman Co.TN 
Quinn, Mary-w/o W-W is for William Washington-11/7/1824-8/22/1897
d/o Drury-Elizabeth(DuPree)born-Hickman Co,Tenn died Jefferson Co,IL
she is a sister to my gggrandmother Martha Jane"Polly"(Taylor) Quinn 
that Married Samuel Everett Quinn,they are buried at Mt Zion

*Submitted By: Karen Rogers * [email protected]
Source: Portrait and Biographical Record of Clinton, Washington, Marion and Jefferson Counties, IL

According to the above source, Washington Quinn's first wife was Mary Robinson whose 
parents originated in Missouri, and both died when Mary was a small child.  

Several places on the web list Mary Quinn as a daughter of Drury Taylor and Elizabeth Deupree.  
Mary may have been raised by the Taylor's after her parents died, but was not their biological child. 
Quinn, M.H.             Mar.10,1852     Mar.21,1878     w/o JF
Quinn, M H-M is for Malinda-is nee(DARE) w/o J F md-9/9/1869-Jefferson Co
Quinn, Odus             1873            1930 
Quinn, Odus D-1873-1930

Quinn, W.               Feb.9,1814      no date         b.Spartinburg SC  
Quinn, W-W is for William Washington-bn-2/9/1814 Spartenburg,S C-no death date
his death info is dd 2/25/1903 Jefferson Co,IL md-1843 Jefferson Co,IL to
Quinn, Mary A is nee (Taylor)
s/o James Quinn-Lydia 'Liddy'(Turner)Quinn
William Washington Quinn

Wells, John W.          1842            1928
married 1/1/1865 in Jefferson Co,IL to Susan Catherine Gilbert

Wells, Susan Catherine  1848            1918 
nee(Gilbert)1849-1/12/1918 w/o John W d/o Philo-Harriett(Quinn)Gilbert

Submitted By: Robert W. Loman * [email protected]

Bean, Cora 1873 3-14-1902 S. Hickory Hill 
(Per Fred Justice is buried at S Hickory Hill) 
Cora Edna Adeline (Loman) Bean is the daughter of 
Walter Elias Loman and Sarah Ann Gilliliand. 
She married Perry V. Bean, the son of 
Peter A. Bean and Elizabeth O. Laney.   
Coffman, Dora Florence  May,11,1874     Apr.8,1902               
Dora Florence Coffman is the daughter of 
Leonard Franklin Coffman, Jr. and Pauline Jane Hester. 
They are both buried at Kirk Cemetery, Ina, IL. 

Hester, Mary F.         June 23,1851    July 24,1933             
Mary Frank (Loman) Kirk Hester is the daughter of 
James Cassius Loman and Sarah Jenetta McLean. 
She married first Andrew English Kirk. 
She married second William Francis Hester. 
Hester, William F. Jan.24,1844 Sept.06,1904 Civil War 
William Francis Hester is the son of 
John Stovall Hester and Martha Payne Isom. 
He married Mary Frank (Loman) Kirk. 
Kirk, A.E.              1847            1924         
Andrew English Kirk is the son of 
Matthew Kirk and Louisa Phillips. 
He first married Mary Frank Loman.  
Loman, America E.       May 27, 1859    July 10,1940             
America Bea (Brown) Loman is the daughter of 
William Jasper Brown and America B. Foster, 
they are both buried at Kirk Cemetery, Ina IL. 
America married William Henry Loman. 
Loman, Anna             1892            1966            Picture on stone 
Anna (Dennis) Loman married Richard Loman.  
Loman, Calidona         April 10,1862   April 12,1872   child/oJ&SJ     
Calidona Loman is the daughter of 
James Cassius Loman and Sarah Jenetta McLean

Loman, Clara Leota      Nov. 1, 1857    Dec. 29, 1894           
Loman, Clara Leota is the daughter of 
Isaac Benjamin Loman and Elvira Sebelle Kirk, 
they ate buried at Masonic/IOOF Cemetery, Benton, IL. 

Loman, Clark L.         Sept.30,1866    April 06,1881   child/oJ&SJ      
Loman, Clark L. Is the son of 
James Cassius Loman and Sarah Jenetta McLean
Loman, Eliza E.         1883            1967            
Eliza Ellen (Hicks) Loman married John Samuel Washington Loman. 

Loman, Fredrick                         Sept.24,1865            
Frederick McDonald Loman is the son of 
Walter Elias Loman and Sarah Ann Gilliliand

Loman, James            May 28,1831     July 29,1896    Military Marker Civil War       
James Cassius Loman is the son of Isaac Benjamin Loman and 
Phoebe Ann (Davenport) Loman Coffman. 
He married Sarah Jenetta McLean.
Loman, Jennetta Aug.22,1829 Mar.04,1896 
Sarah Jenetta McLean is the daughter of 
Steven McLean and Lurania Warson. 
She married James Cassius Loman.  
Loman, John W.          1878            1920             
John Samuel Washington Loman is the son 
of Walter Elias Loman and Sarah Ann Gilliliand. 
He married Eliza Ellen Hicks.
Loman, Richard          1884            1967            Picture on stone
Richard Loman is the son of Elvadis H. Douglas Loman 
and Manerva A. Hollaway. He married Anna Dennis. 
Loman, Sarah ???.27,1837 - w/o Elias 
Sarah Ann (Gilliliand) Loman married Walter Elias Loman. 
Loman, Walter Elias     Apr.15,1834     Jan.5,1893      Military Marker Civil War       
Walter Elias Loman is the son of 
Isaac Benjamin Loman and Phoebe Ann (Davenport) Loman Coffman. 
He married Sarah Ann Gilliliand. 
Loman, William H.       Dec. 9, 1853    July 23, 1897            
William Henry Loman is the son of 
James Cassius Loman and Sarah Jenetta McLean. 
He married America Bea Brown. 
Wells, Newton                           Nov. 11, 1902          
Newton Wells born November 18, 1849, died November 11, 1902 
is the son of William J. Wells, Jr. and Lucy Farthing. 
He married Vienna Phoebe Loman.  
Wells, Vienna                           1941                
Vienna Phoebe Loman born November 5, 1856, died April 17, 1941, 
is the daughter of James Cassius Loman and Sarah Jenetta McLean. 
She married Newton Wells   


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