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Mt. Catherine Cemetery Tidbits

Submitted By: Brenda K.(Kearney) Cullen * [email protected]

Unmarked Grave

Hazel Pauline Mandrell  December 26, 1912 - February 14, 1914
All we have is the family bible stating that she was born and died and the dates.   
We firmly believe she is buried by Jennie (Wilson) Mandrell.  
She was born December 26, 1912 and died on Valentine's day February 14, 1914.   
My grandparents, Bert and Bertha Mandrell got married in Salem on March 12, 1912.  
My mother told my sister that they lived in Cravat, IL.  
At the time of Hazel's death no other close relatives were dead to bury her by. 


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