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Minson Cemetery Tidbits

Submitted By: Dahl Shurtz * [email protected]

Quinn, Hannah M. Harvey 3-23-1862       8-30-1922       back of stone w/o Clifton
Quinn,Hannah Melvina(Harvey)3/23/1862-8/30/1922-w/o Clifton Everett Quinn  
#3-married-6/15/1881-Perry Co,IL-died at home-Blissville Twp.-born White Co,IL-
d/o Peyton Smith Harvey-Amanda Melvina(Rogers)-Clifton 
Everett Quinn is buried at new KNOB PRAIRE Cemetery, Waltonville,IL

Probably in an unmarked grave or unreadable 

Corgan,Theresa Orvena (McNail) was the 2nd wife of Charles Arthur Corgan-they 
married-10/17/1899-Nashville,IL-both aged 27-born-1872-3/1/1905-she was d/o 
Monroe-Mary A(Sterrette)McNail of Ashley IL-they had 3 children all born in 
DuBois,IL-Wilfred Arthur-7/19/1900-4/30/1950-Thelma Juanita-12/11/1901-4/30/1950
-Ruth Aileen-7/20/1903-2/4/1970

CORGAN CHARLES ARTHUR -9/14/1873--1/2/1952 s/o William Riley-Ruth Ann(Stradley)
they are buried at Chapel Hill Cemetery -DuBois,IL
Charles Arthur dd-Chicago Heights,IL-bu-at Evergreen Hill Cemetery,Steger,IL
oddly enough Charles Arthur married #3 Theresa(Miller) and she is buried at 
Chapel Hill,they have a double stone there with all their dates but he is 
up state as he was living with his daughter Helen Ione(Corgan)Biggs at time 
of death,his first wife was Effie Maude(Jacobs) she is buried at Tamaroa Cem, 
next to her parents,William Washington-Theresa Elizabeth(Stuhl)Jacobs and 
his twin infant sons Robert-Rupert Corgan,this lot is the only lot left in
Tamaroa Cemetery with the concrete border fence around it and has the names 
on the fence.

Charles Arthur Corgans 1st wife was Effie Maude(Jacobs)- 8/28/1875-1898-d/o 
Reverend William Washington-Theresa Elizabeth(Stuhl) Jacobs of Tamaroa,IL-she 
is buried next too her parents at Tamaroa Cemetery-They were married-8/26/1894 
in DuBois,IL by his father William Riley Corgan
They had 1 living daughter- Thelma Madge-3/14/1897-twin sons Robert-Rupert-
infants-1898 buried next too Effie Maude
Charles Arthur Corgans 3rd wife was Theresa Miller- age 17-born-1/22/1890-d/o 
Nicola Frederick-Mary(Zink)Miller-married10/2/1906 in Perry Co,IL by C.A.J.Cramer,
M.G.-Theresa died-4/4/1942 in Chicago Heights,IL and is buried at the Chapel Hill 
Cemetery on Rt.51 near DuBois IL.-they had 6 Children-Harry Godfrey-3/19/1911-8/1/1978-
Mabel Lorraine-3/21/1913-Virginia Irene-10/30/1915-3/16/1979-Naomi Doris-
Helen Ione-Frances Kent-1/29/1923-4/23/1986-buried at Marysville Cemetery,
Charles was born-9/14/1873 in DuBois,IL s/o William Riley Corgan-Ruth Ann (Stradley)--
he died-1/2/1952 in Chicago Heights IL.and is buried in Evergreen Hill Cemetery,Steger,IL-
There is a stone at Chapel Hill Cemetery with his name on it along side his 3rd wife -his 
parents are buried at Chapel Hill Cemetery

McNail, Monroe          4-6-1845        4-1-1907

McNail, Mary A.         10-28-1844      3-9-1896        w/o Monroe
McNail,Mary A is Nee(Sterrette)


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