Jefferson County Illinois 

Many volunteers have worked very hard to provide the researchers 
of Jefferson County a listing of Cemeteries and to provide pictures
of headstones to help you in your personal research.

So please do not take the cemetery listings and pictures 
that others have worked so hard to provide and add it 
to any other website as your own. 

Thank You 
for understanding and respecting 
the work of others.

Hall Cemetery
Indexed & Photos  By: Don Wall 
Knowledge of cemetery: Bob Wilson
October 24, 2012

This cemetery is about 25 yards by 25 yards, 
17 rows n-s and 13 rows e-w. 
Lots of yucca plants by each marker.
Located 10 sandstone markers in poor shape. 
Could only read J on one stone. 
Broken glass flower jars next to several markers.

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