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Greenwalt Cemetery
Located off of 2200N 
in Section 14 Farrington, Twp.

Walked & Indexed By:
Cindy Ford & Misty Flannigan
July 23, 2000

Photos Submitted By: 
Kiowana Hayes-Ferguson & Cindy Ford 

Cameron, Chas.              1874         1897        Son
Cameron, Susan              1848         1884        Mother footstone

French, Martha C.                        1887        33y w/o Albion T.
Footstone, E.G.

Greenwalt, Samuel           4-18-1841    2-4-1906    Civil War
Greenwalt, Sarah A.         1854         1930
Greenwalt, E.J.             6-27-1886    10-13-1886  d/o S&SA
Greenwalt, G.               9-19-1889    6-13-1890   s/o S&SA
Greenwalt, Anna                          6-7-1864    11y11m17d d/o S&E
Greenwalt, Effie R.                      8-23-1875   1y2m11d d/o  S&E     
Greenwalt, Lewis D.                      1-22-1870   2y2m13d s/o S&E
Greenwalt, Sarah E.                      9-1-1876    5m18d d/o S&E
Greenwalt, Ollie                         11-11-1881? 15y10m7d d/o S&E
Greenwalt, Ellen            1-21-1845    11-14-1884  w/o Samuel another stone
Greenwalt, Geo. C.          8-31-1877    6-7-1935

Harvy, Lewis                             10-1-1864   66y4m21d
Harvy, Minerva A.           7-2-1859     5-23-1904   w/o B.
Harvy, Benjimane            11-13-1850   3-2-1895
Harvy, Margaret                          4-13-1852   9y d/o L&M

Unknown Footstone
Unknown Footstone


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