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Gilbert Cemetery

Blissville Twp.
Walked and Indexed by:
Cindy Ford, 
Walked and Indexed by:
Abby Newell

Photos Submitted By:Cindy Ford * 10-14-01

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Submitted info on some of the people 
you will find here.

     | Balardy, Mary A.        May 04,1831     Nov.26,1914     w/o Melcher
     | Balardy, W.R.           Jan.31,1851     Mar.25,1868     
     | Barnett, Althie         Mar.28,1881     Aug.20,1883     d/o MA&EM
     | Barnett, Martha A.                      Aug.15,1883     20y7m17d w/o EM
     | Bullock, Sarah M.                       April 18,1894   88y11m23d w/o George
     | Daniel, Clara L.                        Dec.05,1874     3y5m2d d/o HP&MA
     | Daniel, Elzora                          Oct.24,1869     2y3m4d d/o HP&MA
     | Daniel, Willie H.                       Sept.13,1875    s/o HP&MA
     | Gilbert, Amanda                         Sept.20,1856    18m9d d/o Asa&Mary
     | Gilbert, Asa                            Mar.17,1862     43y
     | Gilbert, Charles J.                     Mar.21,1857     23d s/o Cyrus&EJ
     | Gilbert, Charlie        July 14,1859    Mar.06,1890     
Obit | Gilbert, Cyrus B.       Jan.26,1823     Nov.06,1902     
     | Gilbert, Eli                            Oct.07,1875     86y8m14d
     | Gilbert, Eli E.         April 04,1837   Oct.04,1861     
     | Gilbert, Eliza J.       July 01,1827    Aug.16,1889     w/o Cyrus
     | Gilbert, Elizabeth A.   1841            1916            w/o M.R.
     | Gilbert, Franklin                       July 06,1861    1m23d s/o Cyrus&EJ
     | Gilbert, Helena         Oct.10,1832     Oct.29,1919     w/o Waldo
     | Gilbert, Henry                          Oct.25,1865     18y4m11d
     | Gilbert, Infant                         April 11,1868   d/o SE&Eliza "Bradley"
     | Gilbert, Infant                         July 17,1850    s/o Cyrus&EJ
     | Gilbert, Leroy D.                       Mar.25,1862     
     | Gilbert, Lois C.                        July 26?,1855   5y 13d         
     | Gilbert, Loretta P.     Feb.26,1861     May 08,1910     w/o CR
     | Gilbert, M.R.           1831            1908    
     | Gilbert, Menzis Edwin                   Oct.11,1865     8m3d s/oWR&EA
     | Gilbert, Sidney         April 12,1839   Jan.14,1862     
     | Gilbert, Stephen Irl    Feb.12,1888     July 26,1889    s/o SU&ME
     | Gilbert, Susan                          Dec.21,1860     6y10m1d d/o Cyrus&EJ
     | Gilbert, Susannah                       July 11,1865    74th y of her age w/o Eli
     | Gilbert, Waldo                          May 08,1890     57y4m18d
     | Gilbert, William H.     Feb.06,1872     Feb.05,1874     s/o MH&EA
     | Gilbert, William H.                     Oct.08,1869     19y4m3d husb/o LJ
     | Gilbert, Lois C.                        July 10,1855    d/o Cyrus&EJ
     | Harris, Emma L.         Sept.04,1893    Feb.25,1895     d/o JB&SA
     | Harris, R. Gilbert      Mar.26,1883     Nov.02,1907     Footstone
     | Harris, Sarah A.        Nov.23,1859     Aug.01,1902     w/o JB
     | Harris, Zora B.         Feb.16,1865     Nov.06,1887     w/o HB
     | Hicks, Mary A.          Mar.27,1855     Oct.08,1882     w/o Isaac closer view
     | Jeffries, Lessie G.                     Sept.14,1878    18y4m5d w/o Dr. JW
     | Kinne, Nathan H.                        Dec.04,1887     62y
     | Lenington, Emily        1869            1937            Close up of Marker
     | Lenington, James        1866            1940            Close up of Marker
     | Lenington, Isaac        Corpl.          no dates        Co.F 44 ILL Vet Inf.
     | Newell, Asa Blake       9-6-1811        1-28-1883       
     | Newell, Emily R.        1861            1899            w/o SD
     | Newell, Eva Maxine      1924            1924    
Obit | Newell, Geo.                                            Co.F 44 ILL Inf.
Obit | Newell, Henrietta       Nov.30,1869     July 05,1957    
     | Newell, Hoyt            Nov.16,1879     Oct.15,1882     s/o Oscar&Ella
     | Newell, Infant                          Mar.14,1847     9m 20d s/o Asa B.&?
     | Newell, Levi N.                                         65th ILL Inf.
     | Newell, Lina "Henry"                    Mar.13,1899     
     | Newell, Loran D.                        Jan.03,1904     25y s/o George&Sarah
     | Newell, Margaret M.     June 01,1881    Oct.14,1882     
     | Newell, Mary E.         July 09,1878    Feb.16,1917     w/o Norman 
     | Newell, Norman          May 08,1874     Dec.26,1951     
Obit | Newell, Phillip         Mar.13,1855     Nov.23,1926      
Obit | Newell, S. Douglas      1858            1922            
     | Newell, Sarah C.                        June 26,1888    w/o George
     | Philp, Anna E.                          May 22,1861     4y2m4d
     | Philp, Augusta J.       June 25,1839    Feb.24,1907     w/o James
     | Philp, James W.                         Oct.10,1833     Nov.05,1891
     | Philp, Mary                             Dec.17,1873     2y1m8d
     | Philp, Thomas B. Jr.                    May 12,1863     32y8m16d

     | Unknown, Ezra?
     | Unknown
     | Unknown, Broken Stone                         
     | Unknown, Broken Stone
     | Unknown,Footstone M.E.N.
     | Unknown, Sandstone 

     | Wiley, Bruce            1959            1959


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