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Walked and transcribed by: RUSS WIELT
June 18, 1999
Photos Submitted By: Kiowana Hayes Ferguson & Cindy Ford
July 6, 2003
The grass was a bit tall but we walked over every inch of this
cemetery and did not find any more stones other than what is linked.

History of Clark Cemetery
Plot Map
Submitted By: Julie Lusby

| CHAMBLISS, CHARLIE         1900              1901 Obit | CHAMBLISS, LAURA M.        SEPT.17, 1859     FEB.20,1907 Obit | CHAMBLISS, Joseph J.       MAY 24,1845       JAN.1,1935 | CHAMBLISS, MATILDA J.      1851              1884 | CHAMBLISS, INFANT          NO DATES | CHAMBLISS INFANT           NO DATES          BABY OF J.J. | CHAMBLISS?, LELA           NO DATES | CHAMBLISS, HATTIE          NO DATES | CHAMBLISS, IRVIN           1889               | CHAMBLISS, SARAH                             JULY 17,1860 | CHAMBLISS, RUFUS                             AUG.8,1974 | CHAMBLISS, MARY                              DEC.6,1876 | CHAMBLISS, LEOTA                             MAR.13,1877 | CHAMBLISS, LEWIS                             MAR.21,1877 | CHAMBLISS, WILLIE H.                         JAN.11,1888 | CHILTON                    NO DATES | CHILTON                    NO DATES | CHILTON                    NO DATES | CHILTON, J.B | CLARK, FRONIA              JUNE 28,1854      1889 | Clark, James J.            5-22-1828         2-20-1888 | CLARK, Jesse M.            APR.2,1804        5-28-1872 | CLARK, JOSEPH JESSE        NOV.3,1855 | CLARK, WILLIAM A.          2-16-1860         2-4-1863          s/o J.J.&M.F. | CLARK, M.F.                MAY 9,1839                          w/o J.J. | CLARK, DELLA               AUG.19,1870       NOV.2,1888        | footstone d/o J.J.&M.F. | footstone
| CONNELL GRANNY             NO DATES                            AGE 97 | MAXEY, H.T.                NO DATES | MITCHELL, CHARLES          NO DATES Obit | PULLIAM MILDRED G.         JAN.5,1882         FEB.5,1945 | SUMMERS, MARTHA            AUG.25,1833  | Unknown, Mother | Unknown | Unknown | Unknown, Mother | WINTERS, ISSAC | WINTERS, JOHN | WINTERS?


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