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STORIES OF A SMALL RAILROAD TOWN IN THE 1930'S, 40'S & 50'S George.       John R. Warren

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Vance's store was a bit different. They had groceries too, but always had ice cream in one ofmthose old freezers, about waist high, with lids on top. Vance's was first located in the northeast corner of the Rixmann building, where the Post Office was later for many years. Then it moved to an oldermwood building down the road. Then they built a bigger block type building just south of the wood building and moved into it. In the new building which is still there, they had candy counters, canned goods, the ice cream containers, and the inevitable red Coca Cola cases full of ice water and various kinds of pop. Vance's had the first juke box that I recall. They called it a "nickelodian". Songs were a nickel, or six for a quarter. Vance's always had an outdoor ice house. They kept ice in it during the summer months. They had a big truck too and delivered ice around town to people with ice boxes. Vance's also hauled coal from the mines and delivered that all over town too.

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