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STORIES OF A SMALL RAILROAD TOWN IN THE 1930'S, 40'S & 50'S George.       John R. Warren

The articles and pictures that you see within these pages about Bluford
were submitted by Janice Staples
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BLUFORD POST OFFICE After the passenger trains were gone and the mail taken to the Post Office, the service windows would be closed, while Everett Howell would sort the mail and place it in those little combination boxes that lined the wall. When he was done he would open the windows, and everyone there would go check their mailbox. There was no mail delivery in town, unless you were far enough out to be on a rural route. When the P.O. was in the northeast corner of Rixmann's building, the wall with the little mail boxes was on the north side. There were two windows with iron grills that you faced as you walked in the door, to the back room on the left. In the back room, were the counters and mail slots on the walls where the mail carriers sorted the mail for their routes.

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