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STORIES OF A SMALL RAILROAD TOWN IN THE 1930'S, 40'S & 50'S George.       John R. Warren

The articles and pictures that you see within these pages about Bluford
were submitted by Janice Staples
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In Bluford there were two main churches, the Baptist and the U. B. 
The Baptist always had a larger attendance than the U. B. Both the Baptist 
and the U. B. were L shaped that is they sort of had a main big room and 
a side room. 

Both churches held Vacation Bible School for kids during the summer.
Baptisms always had to be done in the summer, because they were done
down at the Bluford Lake.

Both churches had church bells, and they would ring them on Sunday
mornings. The "first bell" was rang 1/2 hour before, then they had a 5
minute before bell, and at last a bell when it was time to start.

There was also the Church of God, and the Community, later Nazerine
Church in Marham City, besides the out-lying churches like Hickory
Hill, Mt. Olive, and others.

The U. B. Church

The Baptist Church

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