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May 2, 1998
Submitted and transcribed by: Sharlet Bigham LaBarbera

MARCH 1917 (from the April 12, 1917 paper)
BIRTHS (M/M = Mr. and Mrs.)

M/M. A.J. Morgan                twin girls
M/M. Clyde Ramey                girl
M/M M.E. Mifflin                girl
M/M R.C. McMillan               boy
M/M. Robert Vowel               boy
M/M. C.A. Robertson             girl
M/M. Oscar Stokes               girl
M/M. S.V. Tatham                girl
M/M. Roy Dare                   boy
M/M. Grover Shehorn             boy
M/M. Oscar Badgett              boy
M/M. Thurman Sandusky           boy
M/M. Roy Legge                  boy
M/M. W. A. Smith                girl
M/M. D. F. Ashby                boy
M/M. Floyd Brooks               boy
M/M. Leroy Benoist              girl

The report for Mt. V. township is not complete by any means, as Town Clerk Henn 
did not have a birth or death reported to him during the month of March.

JULY 1917 (from the Aug. 11, 1917 paper)

Klee Liebengood and wife        dau. Rosealee
Hubert Lennard and wife         dau.
Howard Casey and wife           son Samuel Howard Casey
Isom R. Lowery and wife         dau. Wilma Elenora Lowery
Harry (EorL)Colemann and wife   dau. Alice Roberta Colemann

SEPTEMBER 1917 (from the Oct. 17, 1917 paper)
he number of births reported is considerably larger 
than the average month, but this is not due to a greater 
birth rate in Sept., but to the fact that a number of the 
births should have been reported previously, one occuring in July. 


Edd Gregory and wife            son
Chas. H. Wilson and wife        dau.
Clyde Lamon and wife            dau.
Turner Maynor and wife          dau.
Geo. Reid and wife              son
Clark Jones and wife            dau.
Andrew Dixon and wife           son
Marion Hull and wife            dau.
Fred Steadman and wife          dau.
Lacy Wheeler and wife           son
George Hicks and wife           dau.
Pearl Sanford Hutchinson and wife  dau.
John M. Wetzer and wife         son
Chauncey L. Strattan and wife   dau.
John S. Richards and wife       son
Obediah A. Grant and wife       son
Hamilton Bill and wife(colored) son
Dolph Yaeger and wife           dau.
Henry Pigg and wife             son
Joseph N. Parmley and wife      dau.
Cicero Slayton and wife         dau.
James D. Mayberry and wife      dau.
Wright Brown and wife           son
Joseph w. Warde and wife        dau. 

DECEMBER 1917 (from the Jan. 16, 1918 paper) 

Jas. Walter Lowery              dau.
Frank A. Echols and wife        dau.
Glen Kirk and wife              son
Otto Morgan and wife            son
Wm. W. Harshbarger and wife     son
Orval Scatchfield and wife      son
Wm. Daniels and wife            dau.
Allie Porter and wife           son
Jas. S. Orick and wife          son
John Southard and wife          dau.
Alva Garitt and wife            son
Oscar W. Page and wife          son 

JANUARY 1918 (from the Feb. 13, 1918 paper) 

John G. Smith and wife          dau.
Gordon Cleveland and wife       son
Gustive Shaffer and wife        dau.
Frank Duboise and wife          son
Forest L. Sweaney and wife      son
H. B. P. Ward and wife          son
Nathan V. Wilkey and wife       son
Claude H. Rainey and wife       son
Robert Lee Baltzill and wife    son
Geo. E. Pulliam and wife        son
Chas. Roeder and wife           son 

FEBRUARY 1918 (from the March 20, 1918 paper) 

Thos. M. Lee and wife           son
Harry Ventress and wife         dau.
Joe C. Kirk and wife            dau.
Jesse Moran and wife            son
Thos. Hugh Lambert and wife     dau.
Harry A. Treadwell and wife     dau.
Robert F. Mabry and wife        dau.
Ray T. Garrison and wife        son
Zachary Sexton and wife         son
Ernest Dobbs and wife           son
Raymond R. Wilkey and wife      son
Thos. S. Robinson and wife      son
Arthur W. Maulding and wife     dau.
Leo Phelps and wife             son
Wm. Raymond Grigg and wife      son
Wm. Beppler and wife            dau.
Stanton G. Jones                blank 

MARCH 1918 (from the April 17, 1918 paper) 

M/M Harry L. Bancroft           girl
M/M Walter G. Gibson            girl
M/M Leigh H. Gibbs              boy
M/M Charles E. Brown            girl
M/M Charles Kern                boy
M/M Wilsie C. Williams          boy
M/M Ernest J. DeWitt            boy
M/M Claude I McElvera           girl
M/M Wm. T. Dieterlo             girl
M/M Elliott Dedman              boy
M/M Herman Webb                 girl twins
M/M Burrell Brim                girl
M/M Herbert Williamson          boy
M/M John N. Smith               girl
M/M Walter Stephens             boy 

APRIL 1918 (from the May 15, 1918 paper) 

Elza Ventuss and wife           dau.
Joseph R. Monteal and wife      son
Irvin M. Pigg and wife,         son
Geo. F. Greer or Green and wife dau.
Roy H. Eller and wife           dau.
Joseph Robert Phillips and wife son
Fred H.Henn and wife            dau.
John E. Pace and wife           dau.
James Ralph Greer and wife      son
Roy I. Lawson and wife          son
T. Leonard Davis and wife       dau. 

JUNE 1918 (from the July 17, 1918 paper) 

Samuel J Davis and wife         son
Leonard Rhodes and wife         dau.
Chas. Avritt and wife           dau.
John Babil and wife             son
Ralph Mays and wife             dau.
Rudolph W. Schlachter and wife  dau.
Jasper N. King and wife         dau.
Mart. D. Compton and wife       dau. 

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