Jefferson County

Births from the Mt. Vernon Register

From the obituary file at Brehm Library of Allen males born before 1900.  
This is not an all inclusive list
Submitted By: Mary Zinzilieta
Albert M. ALLEN, b. 01 Mar 1895, d. 03 Nov 1994; 
sp. Pearl PASLEY; s/o Preston ALLEN and Martha DALBY.

Amos ALLEN, b. 13 Apr 1893, d. 18 Jan 1973; 
sp. Gertrude GHOLSON; s/o Thomas ALLEN and Mintis SNEED.

Anderson Piercy ALLEN, age 92, d. 17 Jun 1963; 
sp. Bertha E. KEPCHA; s/o Burton Allen and Catherine PIERCY.

Bennett B. ALLEN, b. 01 Mar 1872, d. 26 Oct 1948; 
s/o James ALLEN and Ellen SALONE.

Carl ALLEN, b. 16 Jan 1888, d. 18 Nov 1971; 
sp. Ida ISON; s/o William ALLEN and Martha FISHER.

C. Y. ALLEN, b. 20 Mar 1874, d. 04 Nov 1949; 
s/o Young ALLEN.

Chalmus E. ALLEN, b. 18 Nov 1887, d. 27 Jun 1965; 
s/o Miles ALLEN and Frances WINKLER.

Charles B. ALLEN, Jr.; 
s/o Burt and Emma ALLEN.

Charles Burt ALLEN, b. 17 Aug 1910, d. 24 Apr 1990; 
s/o Robert Louis ALLEN and Elizabeth LEARNED.

Charles O. ALLEN, b. 17 Dec 1895, b. 25 Mar 1957; 
s/o William P. Allen and Elnora MAYFIELD.

Ephraim Preston ALLEN, b. 01 Oct 1858, d. 10 Oct 1934; 
s/o David ALLEN.

J. H. " Uncle Jay" ALLEN, no dates; published 04 Apr 1939; 
s/o R. J. D. W. ALLEN.

Joel Wilson ALLEN, d. 15 July 1934; 
s/o R. J. D. W. ALLEN.

John F. ALLEN, b. 29 Jan 1860, d. 29 Jun 1954; 
sp. Margaret KOLINSKY; married 03 Apr 1890.

Larkin Bradford ALLEN, b. 10 Nov 1881, d. 03 Jul 1965; 
sp. Lucinda GOSSAGE; s/o Charles Allen and Margaret WOOLRIDGE.

Lyman Dailey ALLEN, b. 05 Jun 1913, d. 05 May 1997; 
s/o Charles C. ALLEN and Ethel SMITH.

Lyman C. ALLEN, b. 17 May 1906, d. 27 Apr 1980; 
sp. Lillian A. HOLMAN; s/o Ernest Allen and Effie SANDUSKY.

Lyman S. ALLEN, b. 02 Jun 1917, d. 09 Nov 1989; 
sp. Jessie CAGLE.

Lyman P. ALLEN, b. 13 Aug 1867, d. 01 Dec 1955; 
sp. Nona GUTHRIE; s/o Lerner C. ALLEN and Elizabeth PACE.

Robert N. ALLEN, b. 07 Feb 1852, d. 28 Aug 1948.

Samuel J. ALLEN, d. 31 Dec 1970; 
sp. Leona LOUCKS; s/o Rob N. ALLEN and Sarah DRENNAN.

William ALLEN, age 84, d. 23 Jan 1943; 
sp. Alice JOHNSON; s/o R. J. D. W. ALLEN.


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