Aaron Yearwood

Aaron YEARWOOD came in December 1826. He was accompanied by his mother,
with her two sons, Joseph and Robert, and by his brother William. With
William came his wife's sister Betsy, now Mrs. WATSON. The father of these
three ladies, Robert RANKIN, Sr., came a year or so later, and after a
short stay, went to Shelby County, but left here

his son Robert and Mrs. Robert YEARWOOD. Old Mrs. YEARWOOD'S husband's name was Frederic; she herself died in 1847. The next fall after Aaron's arrival, 1827, James SURSA, who's wife was sister to his wife and to Ward WEBBER, came out with his brother Jack SURSA. These men and one daughter were the children of Richard SURSA, who died in the War of 1812. Benjamin WEBBER came with the YEARWOODS, married a WILKERSON, and settled at the JORDAN or Coley SMITH place on Seven Mile Creek. Ward WEBBER and John came three years later, 1829, the latter settling in the edge of Wayne County, while Ward located where Daniel BARFIELD afterward lived. Daniel was step son to James SURSA. About the same time, 1829, William BYERS came to the place still known as the "Old BYERS place." Mrs. BYERS - "Aunt Nancy" - was sister to old Mr. YEARWOOD. BYERS had a daughter already married to Joseph BROWN. Pete BRUCE, or Armstead W. and Moses BAUGH, took one each, and the last girl (we suppose not finding a B. to suit her) was married to Fountain GARRISON. He and James   GARRISON came in 1827, and James died of small pox a few years ago. James married a WIMBERLY; in two or three years after coming out , F. died.  Source: "History of Jefferson County, Illinois" Wm. Henry Perrin 1883 Submitted by Submitted by Sharlet Bigham LaBarbera Dec 1, 1997

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