William Wilson was born Aug. 12. 1812. in Fairfield County. Ohio. The 
Perrins History of Jefferson County. Ill, states that he was the son of
James Wilson but the record of his third marriage shows him to be the 
son of George Wilson and Rachel Caldwell. Sometime before 1838 William 
married Susan Vergereau Bradford Boudinot, the daughter of Elias 
Boudinot V and Susan Sutton who was born Oct. 29.1816.

In 1851 William Wilson brought his oldest three children from Ohio to 
what is known as the Hedge Farm, where his wife's sister and her 
husband, Martin Williams, lived. A few months later Susan joined him 
bringing the rest of their chilĀ­dren and the remainder of their 
belongings. Some time later he took up 280 acres in Section 12, 
Farrington Township, where he remained the rest of his life.

Susan died May 29. 1874. When William married Susan McVey in 1878 he 
said that this was his third marriage but there is no record of another
earlier marriage. William Wilson served eleven months in the Civil War 
in Company I. 48th Regiment. Illinois Volunteer Infantry commanded by 
Capt. Ashley T. Galbraith. He enrolled Sept. 15. 1861 and was
honorably discharged at Bethel. Tenn, June 10. 1862, according to his application
for pension which he filed in 1880. When he was discharged in 1862 he 
gave his age as 44. He was described as 5 ft. 9 in. tall. dark 
complexion, gray hair,  black eyes. When he married Susan McVey he gave
his age as 59. They were married in 1878; in 1880 he gave his age as 67
on his application for pension.

William Wilson died either Feb. I. or Feb. 22. 1890, while visiting
his daughter Harriet Coil near Louisville. Clay County. Ill.

Horace Boudinot Wilson, son of William "Paddy" Wilson and Susan 
Vergereau Bradford Boudinot. was born Dec. 12. 1851 near Range, Ill.
In 1854 William Wilson moved his family to Farrington Township, Jefferson 
County. Ill.

In Aug. 1871 Horace B. Wilson married Emily J. Tyler, and they had a
son William Michael, who was born Jan. 23. 1875. Because Emily had 
tuberculosis, they moved to Texas for a short while. After her death 
July 23, 1876.  Horace returned to Illinois, bringing her body home for
burial. Horace married Sarah Marie Abbott March 23, 1877.  Sarah, who 
was born May 3, 1855, was the daughter of John Wesley Abbott and
America Jane Persinger. They had ten children;  two of whom died in infancy. 
Sarah died Feb. 6. 1920.
After Sarah's death. Horace married Margaret Ellis, a widow. His fourth
wife was Melissa (Garrison) Morrison. the widow of Bill Morrison.

Horace Boudinot Wilson died Feb. 18, 1933 and was buried at Garrison 
Temple Cemetery. During his life he had been a postmaster, storekeeper.
cattleman, farmer, and had a fruit orchard. At one time he owned a 
thousand acres of land, and he gave each of his children a farm.

Mary Wilson Minor is the daughter of Amos Wilson. who was the son of 
Horace B. and Sarah Abbott Wilson. - Mary Wilson Minor     .

Source: "Facts and Folks A History of Jefferson County, Illinois"
Jefferson County Historical Society
Printed by Taylor Publishing Company, Dallas, TX - 1978 
Page 351

Submitted by Sandy Whalen Bauer

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