Samuel Cherry Wilson was born in Randolph County, the son of David 
and Rebecca Cherry Wilson. David and Rebecca had six children: 
Mary Ellen (1851-1944). m. Jacob Henry Hissong; Margaret Ann 
(1854-1908), m. Robert James Miller; Samuel Cherry (1858-1931). 
They had three other babies who died in infancy. Then Rebecca died 
in 1862 and David moved near Walnut Hill in Marion county. There 
he married Caroline Sinclair and they had 16 children. The first 
two girls died in infancy; James Lemuel (1865-1918), m. Eva Mamley; 
Jennie (1866-1906), m. John Mandrel; Rachel m. Charles McMillon;
Martha Cordellia; Martin Henry (1870-1904); Rebecca. m. Sawyer 
Dickerson; Joseph (1876-1924) m. Dovie Chriswell; Louisa (1878-1972), 
m. John Gibson Raines; Laura (1880­1940); Hugh (1881-1957); Lulu 
(1885-1962); Bell. first married to Ed Flanagan and later to Thomas 
McKelvy; Cora (1883­1923), m. David Alex Brough; Mamie (1888-1961), 
m. Fred Osborn, a brother to Lulu's husband, Ben. Altogether, 
David Wilson had 22 children.

Samuel's great grandfather, James Wilson and his wife migrated 
from Ireland to South Carolina in 1775. Later they settled near 
Sparta, where he died .

In 1878 Samuel married Almanza Artellia Stephens (1859­1938). 
He bought 40 acres of land from the Illinois Central railroad 
and built a log house where all 5 of their children were born. 
He cleared the timber and farmed. In 1895 he built a large frame 
house. This homestead has stayed in the family for almost a 
hundred years. His granddaughter and her husband, Mr. and Mrs. 
Leo Harlow, are living there now. Children of Samuel and "Ally" 
were: Albert Arthur (1879-1919), m. Sarah Ellen Williams and 
they had one son, Arthur, who died at 13 years of age; Leliah 
Edith (1880-1881); Mary Lurene (1887­1965), m. Ernest Watkins 
Hails and they had five children. (I) Earl Virgil Hails 
(1907-1964), (2) Ruby Thelma (1909), m. Everett Delano Savage. 
(3) Ruth Pearl (1910), m. Joseph Lee Harlow and they had 
Mary Alice, Marie Annette and Joseph Leo Harlow. Jr. (4) 
Edith Mary Hails (1911), m. William Leroy Robison and they 
had Mary Janet and William. (5) Clarence Ernest Hails (1913). 
m. Beatrice Peoples and they had two sons. Wayne Lee and 
Harold Ray. Samuel and Ally's fourth child was Tracey Opel 
(1886­1929). m. John William Champ and had two sons, Claud 
and Iven. The fifth child was Stella Dean Wilson (1892-1912) 
who died of TB when she was 19 years  old.

Source: "Facts and Folks A History of Jefferson County, Illinois"
Jefferson County Historical Society
Printed by Taylor Publishing Company, Dallas, TX - 1978 Page 351

Submitted by Sandy Whalen Bauer

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