William Walker
William Walker born May 18, 1827 in Alabama, parents names 
unknown, and was first found by this researcher in Franklin 
County, Illinois, September 26, 1850 when he married Mary 
Jane Kirkpatrick, daughter of John and Sarah "Sally" (Tinsley) 
Kirkpatrick.  William and Mary Jane Walker located early in 
their marriage to Elk Prairie Township , Jefferson County, 
Illinois where they raised a close knit family of three sons 
and five daughters.  

1.  John Foster Walker, the eldest son, was born in 1852 and 
married Rachel Ann Row January 28, 1873 and they had four children, 
Martha "Mattie" J., William, Mary Ellen and William Leroy.  

2.  The second child, and first daughter, Martha Ellen Walker 
was born January 12, 1856, and she married Brise T. Downen 
December 15, 1875 and there were no children of this marriage.   

3.  The third child was William Timothy "Tim" Walker who was 
born April 19, 1858, who married Phebe Nebraska Kirk January 8, 1891 
and they had no children.  

4.  The fourth child was Sarah Emmaline "Line" Walker, who was 
born July, 1859, and married Henry Columbus Martin December 23 1880.  
They raised a family of  six children, Harlan "Harl" L., Hiram 
Nelson "Nels", Bertha M., Delpha Jane, Earnest O. and Leva M. and 
their descendants are many around the Jefferson County and southern 
Illinois area.  

5.  The fifth child of William and Mary Jane, Elnora Jane Walker, 
was the great grandmother to the author of this rendition.  She was 
born August 14, 1860 and she married John Yancy Mason April 1, 1880.  
To this union ten children were born; Charles Walter, Oscar, Mary 
"Mollie" R., John Albert "Al", Inez Elnora, William Walker "Jack", 
Florence A., Edith, Ruth Ethel, and Zelda Aretta.  

6.  The sixth child was Letitia "Lue" or "Tish" Walker who was born 
March 5, 1864 and she married Thomas B. Glazebrook March 21, 1886 and 
they had children Lottie, Otis, Jessie A., Vanitah "Nita" Mae, Fitzhugh 
Lee and Lovah Leota.

7.  The seventh child was Clarissa "Clara" Matilda Walker and she 
was born August 1865, married James C. Phillips July 26 1885, and 
had children, William Walker, Clyde L., Effie Florence, Harry "Henry", 
Myrtle M., Manerva E. (Esther), Bertha Jane, Edith, Thelma M., James C., 
and Lovah Virginia.

8.  The eighth child was George W. Walker, born December 23, 1867, 
who married Sophia P. Estes June 6, 1889.  They had children, C. 
Orville, William Arthur, Orlan E., Aaron L., Mabel, Marshall R., 
Timothy and Grant L.

Marriage records of all of the daughters of William and Mary Jane 
Walker showed that they were all married in the home of Mr. and Mrs. 
William Walker which leads the writer to believe that this was indeed 
a close knit family.  Although parents have never been identified for 
William Walker, the 1880 US Census shows the William Walker family and 
lists a Susan Vaughn with them and shows that she is the mother of 
William Walker.  Her grave is found in Row Cemetery , Elk Prairie Township , 
Jefferson County , along with several Walkers and Rows.  Listed in the 
1850 US Census with Susan Vaughn was her husband John Vaughn and a son, 
Franklin Vaughn, age 4.  In the 1860 Census she is shown with her son 
Franklin Vaughn, age 14.  

Mary Jane Walker died November 4, 1903 in Jefferson County , Illinois 
and her husband William followed her in death on February 13, 1905 
and they are both buried in the Reid-Kirkpatrick Cemetery located 
near Mulkeytown, Franklin County, Illinois.  William Walker engaged 
in farming throughout his lifetime.

Submitted by Dean Hildreth 

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