Gale D. Shelton, born September 9, 1897, in Elk Prairie Township, 
was the great grandson of the early pioneer settlers, Stinson B., 
1816-1844, and Euphremia (Effie) Bodine Shelton, 1816-1866. They 
were the parents of Samuel Pinkney, James Lafayette, and Sarah E. 
Samuel Pinkney, 1839-1923, lived in Elk Prairie and married in 1862, 
Martha Jane Henderson, 1841-1866. They had one son David. Following 
Martha's death, Samuel P. married Elizabeth Jane Peterson, and they 
had James Henry, Peter Cooper, Coleista and Frank. David, 1865-1941, 
married on April 25, 1866, Emma E. Hutton, 1867­1942, the daughter 
of James W. 1827-1864, and Mary E. Hut­ton, 1835-1908. In addition 
to Emma, their other children were Clark, Mary, Margaret, Anna, 
Sarah, and James Henry. David was an active farmer up to the time 
of his death. He had resided on his farm, south of Dareville, 
in Elk Prairie, for 55 years. He was a member of the Elk Prairie 
Christian Church, and his wife Emma, a member of the Antioch Baptist 

Dave and Emma Shelton family 
Both were buried at south Hickory Hill Cemetery. David was a 
Republican. They had six children: Earl, Nellie (Krekel) Martin, 
Floyd, Gale, Neal. and Harry. Two are still living, Neal in Elkhart, 
Indiana, and Harry in Decatur. Illinois. 

Gale attended Dareville School. and grew up in that area. On 
October 21, 1923, he married at Peoria, Illinois, Mary Ruth Claspell, 
born September 23, 1893, in Geneseo, Illinois, the daughter of William 
Ivan, 1876-1937, and Fannie Mae Boice Claspell, 1876-1951. William 
Ivan was a barber. Mary had two brothers, Perry and John, both deceased, 
and two sisters Maureen and Floe, living.    

Gale and Mary raised two foster sons in their home, Wilham and David, 
who are brothers. The boys attended Cross Roads School, east of Dareville. 
William Shelton, born November 14, 1923, married August 22, 1953, Sylvia 
Faye Bean, born June 21, 1936, the daughter of Adam A. and Mary Osborn Bean. 
They have three children: Michael William, Stephen Blake, and Kristina 
Diane, and live west of Dareville. William is employed by Freeman Coal Co. 
at Orient #6 mine, near Waltonville. His brother, David, born August 29, 1928, 
married October 5, 1947, Elwanda Nelles Hogue, born June 20, 1929, daughter 
of Elmer and Ora Winfree Hogue. Dave and Elwanda have five children: 
William David, has a son, Christopher; Dwight Eugene, born , who married 
Judy Pfis??, has a son Timothy, Deborah Elaine, Roberta Lynn, and Elizabeth 
Ann, David and family also live in Elk Prairie Township, southwest of Dareville, 
on a portion of his grandfather David Shelton's farm. He is employed by Freeman 
Coal Co. at Orient # 3 mine south of Waltonville. 

At times, Gale's employment required him to live outside the county, but 
most of the time he resided in Elk Prairie Township. He was a route salesman 
for various coffee and tea companies such as: A&P, Grand Union, Great American 
and was assistant route manager for the Jewel Tea Co. here in Jef­ferson County. 
Gale engaged in part time farming. He worked at Nason coal mine, and then as 
a special agent for Farm Bureau's Country Mutual Insurance Company. In 1953 
he was promoted to General Agent, at which time he and Mary moved to Vienna, 
Illinois, from the farm which had belonged to his father, David. In due time, 
they returned to Jefferson County, first to Mt. Vernon, then back to the farm 
where he spent the remainder of his life. Following cancer surgery in 1959, 
he learned to communicate with the assistance of an artificial larynx and 
became self employed, doing furnace mainte­nance and continued working as 
long as his health permitted. 

Gale was a Republican, and served as Town Clerk for Elk Prairie Township in 
1933, to 1937. Gale and Mary were mem­bers of St. Mary's Catholic Church and 
he was a member of Knights of Columbus. Following Gale's death, May 23, 1964, 
Mary moved to Mt. Vernon, and sold the farm to Floyd and Imogene Phelps. She 
died November 15, 1974, and they are both buried at St. Mary's Cemetery in 
Mt. Vernon. 

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