Halbert J. Sheeks was known far and near for his prize watermelons. 
He had a sand farm near White Pines. This river was crossed every 
year to what was known as Sheeks Reunion, but everyone really came 
from far and near for the delicious pig and sheep that had been 
cooked over a large pit all night. Men roasted the animals by turning 
them over and over on a large steel pole. Halbert J. Sheeks was the 
son of David L. Sheeks who raised his sister's son, Sam Bass. 
Laura Sallee Sheeks, still living at age 87, was known for her guitar 
music. Her children and grandchildren still remember her rendition of 
"The Chicago Fire" and "The Spanish Fandango". All 8 of Laura and 
Henry's children were born in Indiana. The Sallee family survived a 
cyclone which hit their home in Bedford, Indiana about 1929. Their 
home there was in Lawrence Co., and they later moved to Oakland, Ill., 
Douglas Co. for a short time before moving to Jefferson Co. in 
Mt. Vernon, Ill. The name Salle is believed to have been taken from 
the famous name. laSalle. 

Following Henry's death, Laura lived alone on her farm until her 
failing health forced her to sell her beloved farm. The 1957 tornado 
almost wiped out everything she owned, even the cattle were so crippled 
that they had to be destroyed. She had her home repaired, and continued 
to live there for some time. She attended East Salem Church faithfully.

It was in the spring of 1935 when Laura and Henry moved to Jefferson 
Co. to an 80 acre farm now known as Green Acres. Their 8 children 
are all still living: in Oakland, Norris City, Bluford, Decatur, 
Fairmont, and Mt. Vernon. The grand­children are scattered over 
several states, and have various talents, some musicians, singing, 
dancing, writing, and three became well known basketball players. 
Henry Sallee was born in 1882, the son of James Alonzo Sallee and 
Catherine Luck Bright. He died in 1954 and is buried at East Salem 
Cemetery. His mother was the daughter of Harry Bright of Lincoln 
Co. Ky. He owned a large plantation there and purchased a slave there 
for $900 just one day before the slaves were freed. The first ancestor 
of the Lawrence Co. Brights has been traced to the little Lutheran 
Church of Schreissheim in the Palatinate Village, in the late 16th 
century. Laura Nora Sheeks Sallee was born in 1889, the daughter of 
Halbert J. Sheeks and Ella Fields Sheeks. 

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