Adam W. RIGHTNOWAR, known as "Little Ad" was born November 27,
1844 in McClellan Township; the son of George "Reeves" and Nancy Sarah
OVERBAY RIGHTNOWAR. He was first married January 6, 1876 in Jefferson
County to Nancy Emmaline GILES, born March 24, 1857, the daughter
of Mary Emily GILES, 1836-1913, who was the daughter of Cyrus
GILES, 1796-1872. "Little Ad" and Nancy had two daughters: Sarah Mary
L died in infancy: and Amanda Emily, born November 2, 1878,
died November 14, 1941, who married in 1896 George W. BEAN and had Alex,
Gerald, Mabel, Sadie and Daisy. 

Nancy E. died January 2, 1879 when her little daughter, Amanda, was two months old. She went to the creek east of the family home to do her laundry, as there was no well at the b cabin and water had to be carried from the creek. She later [ took pneumonia and died at age 21 years. She was buried beside her first child in the RIGHTNOWAR Cemetery. 

"Little Ad" married the second time in 1879 Mary Susan THOMPSON. born October 20, 1856 the daughter of Elijah and Louisa HENSON THOMPSON. They had two daughters: Martha Ellen. born January 3, 1881, died September 4, 1956: and Nellie Ann, born June 12.1889, died 1964. He was a farmer and also worked in the timber and sawmill business. Innumerable railroad ties were being cut about this time. He lived all his life near his parents. His daughters attended the RIGHTNOWAR School which was located about two miles southwest of their home. 

As was the custom for entertainment, neighbors, friends and all the kin would gather for social dances and playing music. On one such occasion two men came by, not to visit or dance but to cause a disturbance. After being asked politely to choose a partner and dance or move on, the two men doing neither but choosing to continue their noisy disorder until one of "Little Ad's" neighbors at this gathering decided to put them in their place; bounced their heads together, pitched them out in the yard and sent them down the road on their way. 

"Little Ad" built his log cabin near the line of Section 8. but over in Section 17 in McClellen Township on the 40 acres his father had deeded him in 1886 just before his death.  Gary and  Carole GARNER now own this land lying east of their home.  Near this date "Little Ad" erected the first room of the log cabin, later called the "summer kitchen" when another room was added in the early 1900's.  This second room was constructed partially with lumber.  The "summer kitchen" was also called the "loom room" for it was used for weaving rugs by his second wife. Mary Susan. Eventually the family dug a well near the house and every spring a catfish was caught and put in the well to kill the wiggletails. 

Before his death he was sick about three years with cancer. He died on January 9, 1907 at the age of 63 years, and was buried in the RIGHTNOWAR Cemetery. His second wife, Mary Susan, died about January 20, 1929 at the home of their daughter, Nellie, who lived southwest of Mt. Vernon. She was taken in a horse drawn hearse to the RIGHTNOWAR Cemetery to be buried beside "Little Ad". It was so muddy and bad that winter that a second team had to be hitched to the front of the first team before the hearse could be pulled through tIe deep mud. One of her grandsons had to agree to work for the owner of the second team one full day shucking corn to pay for the use of his team. Little Ad's" daughters inherited his 40 acres; Nellie got the west part; Amanda got the center 13 acres, and Martha E. got the house place on the east. She was forced to abandon the "old home site" in 1946, the year the back waters came up so high. Source: Facts and Folks, Jefferson Co, Il 1978 Submitted by: Misty Flannigan Dec 27, 1997

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