JAMES DOWNING PACE In the mid-1800's, James Downing PACE and
his wife, Mary Ann CASEY, moved to Jefferson County. They were devoutly
religious people. He was a lover of the land, and his family grew up to
be the same way---all four sons farming. One with a natural knowledge of
how to attend to sick animals, people would call him from far and near
when an animal was sick or injured. In fact, the starting of his last illness
happened when he was out on one of these trips. He had a stroke while riding
his horse. James Downing Pace died March 6, 1906. His wife, Mary Ann, died
January 6.1920. They had 13 children. Charles died in infancy. Minnie died
in her teens. Ella died young, but was married to a "KNOLES". The following
are ten who lived a normal lifetime: James D. married Bell MCMEEN and they
had one son, John Edward, who was a rural mail carrier. William married
Annie BRUCE. They had two daughters: Mary, who married James EATER, and
whose children are: Olen, Marlin, Arthur, Keith and Mildred; Olen's children
are Delores and Jim; Marlin's children are Janice and Becky; Keith has
a son Gary; and Arthur a daughter Patricia; Myrtle married a Mr. KALBERKAMP,
and they had two sons. Edward E. married Idumea BRUCE. They were the parents
of three children: Roy, Nell (married Henry KEEF), and Pearl, who married
Red GLOVER and had two children, Ruth and James. Homer George married Nettie
MOSS, and they had seven children: Margaret, married Herman S. WESTCOTT
and had three daughters: Betty married George W. (Buck) HARLOW, daughter,
Elizabeth Ann, James Douglas died at birth, Thomas Aaron died at birth,
and Benjamin Hardy; Marion (1924-1951) married Dennis V. KUSTER, daughters
Janet Irene and Dianna Marie, Janet deceased (1951), Diana married James
WILKERSON, one daughter, Janet Elizabeth; Bernice married Melvin O. MERCER,
two sons, James Martin (1951-1966), Stanley Alan, and a daughter, Lynne
Margaret; Margaret later married William T. BADGETT; Carl Downing married
Lela ALLEN and had two daughters, Thelma PECEK and Marie Alice BROPHY,
Carl later married Vena DAVIS and their twin daughters Faye and Mae died
at birth, their adopted daughter, Carolyn, married Clyde WILSON and has
six children; Oral Guy (Shorty) married Kyra YEARWOOD, one son, Carl Andrew,
who married Norma SURSA and they have two daughters, Nikki, married Rick
HAWKINS, one son Matthew Pace and Carol, married Roland SLEDGE; Walter
Neal (Doc), married Mareta CLARK, one son, Charles Homer, stillborn; Anna
Marie married Robert Sherwood PIERCY; Helen Elmora, married Albert ROBINSON,
two sons, Rodney and Scott, daughter, Linda; Nellis, married William PEMBERTON,
two daughters, Donna and Janet, Donna married Danny FEITSAM, one son Jeffrey
FEITSAM; the fifth child of James Downing PACE to live to adulthood was
Anna who married Guy BENJAMIN, they had no children; Dora married Clyde
STONEMETZ, one daughter, Blanche, who married George GARRISON and they
had three children, Robert married Norma ALLEN. Bernice married Martin
ZEDALIS and they have three children, Steve who has one son, Jan, and Rynda,
Myrna married Presley COMMINGS and they have three sons, Ronald who has
two children, Gary who has two children, Randy has a daughter Marina Rae
and one daughter Myrna Sue who has two children by Bobby FLOTA and two
by Gene MARTIN; Drucy married Cyrus GARRISON and they had five children,
Alma, Wiley, Alice. Ileen, and Bill; Mary married James PIPER and they
had three children, Chauncey, married Beulah MCLAUGHLIN and had two children,
Edwin and Jean, Jean married a Mr. PASSMORE. and Arthur married Marie STOLLAR;
Pearl married a GUESWINE, second marriage to a Mr. GREEN, and a third marriage
to A. L. STIVERS, no children: Alice married a Mr. BREEZE and then a Mr.
BYERS, no children. Homer George, youngest son of James Downing and Mary
Ann PACE, was the writer's beloved father. I will always remember him as
being ready to go in sickness or trouble to help anyone. His beautiful
faith in prayer and what God can do is one of my fondest memories of him.
He worked tirelessly for many years for his beloved Pleasant Grove Church.
Homer PACE inherited from his father the love of the land, and always enjoyed
his work. He, too, was blessed with a good wife and helpmate for which
he was always careful to let us all know that she was our most precious
possession, our mother. Homer George PACE (1878-1955), Nettie Emma MOSS
PACE (1886-1959). I loved all of my Aunts, but dear Aunt Anna, never having
children of her own and living close by Homer and family, made it an easy
thing for her to soon become our second Mother and a good one she was.
I grew up in a home with strong walls of faith in God all around me. I
did not realize it then, but I sure do now.---Margarett Badgett 

SUBMITTED BY: Misty Flannigan
Dec 15, 1997

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