Dr. Lewis C. Morgan

A man prominent in the social, professional and business circles of 
Southern Illinois is Dr. Lewis C. Morgan, of Mount Vernon. While 
devoting himself heart and soul to the practice of his profession, 
yet he manages to find the time to devote to other things and in this 
way has prevented himself from growing narrow minded and out of step 
with the world, as do so many men whose lives are given to scientific 
pursuits. He has been closely connected with various financial institutions, 
and has endeavored to take his share of his responsibilities as a citizen. 
So highly thought of is his capacity along such lines that his fellow 
citizens elected him as mayor, and never were they better satisfied with 
their choice. Dr. Lewis C. Morgan was born in Hamilton county, Illinois, 
near the present thriving town of Dahlgren. He was the son of Phillip W. Morgan, 
who, as might easily be guessed from his name, was a native of the Blue Grass 
state. Phillip Morgan was born in 1832 and spent his boyhood on the farm upon 
which his father had settled on his migration from Virginia, which was the 
original home of the Morgan family in America. In 1840 Phillip Morgan settled 
in Hamilton county, where he speedily became a successful farmer and prominent 
citizen. He was one of the first county commissioners, serving in this capacity 
before the county went into township organization. He was known everywhere as 
Judge Morgan, which is significant of the respect and love which his neighbors 
felt for him, for a man must be above the average in order to win one of these 
honorary titles from a community. His wife was Harriet Damon, who was born in 
Massachusetts in the town of Athens. She was the daughter of Owen L. Damon, 
who was one of the early comers to Illinois, settling in Hamilton county in 
the forties. A number of children were born to this couple, Mary, now Mrs. 
Riddle, of St. Louis; Anna (Irwin), who lives in Dahlgren; Dr. Lewis; W. G., 
who makes his home in St. Louis; Nora N., who is now Mrs. Grigg and lives in 
Mount Vernon; Owen L., who is the general manager of a large wholesale house 
in Marion; and Alice, Mrs. Wigginton, of Mount Vernon. 
Lewis C. Morgan was educated in the common schools of his home county, and 
when he became old enough to go to college he felt that since his father had 
a large family and about all he could do to support and clothe and educate 
the rest, he would get his further education by his own efforts, for he was 
determined that he would go through college. Consequently when he was eighteen 
he began teaching school. For five years he kept this up, teaching through the 
long, cold winters for the sake of the all too brief period of happiness which 
he found every summer in poring over his books in Ewing College. By this time 
he had decided what should be his vocation, and so, in 1884, entered the Hospital 
Medical College at Evansville, Indiana, graduating from this institution on the 
4th of March, 1886. His professional career was opened in Dahlgren, Illinois, 
where he practiced medicine from March, 1886, until September, 1905, at which 
time he removed to Mount Vernon. He has been uniformly successful in his practice, 
and is fitted through the strength of his personality, his coolness and perfect 
self control for the profession which he has chosen. He was an important factor 
in the formation of some of Dahlgren's most prosperous institutions, being a 
leader in the movement to organize the First National Bank of Dahlgren. When he 
moved to Mount Vernon he did not allow his interest in such matters to flag but 
became interested in the affairs of the Jefferson State Bank, and at present 
is a director in that institution. Politics always came in for a large share 
of Dr. Morgan's attention, for he felt that there was not enough thought taken 
in such matters by the better educated classes, and that this attitude of 
indifference was harmful to the country. He is a Republican by creed, and his 
term as mayor extended from April, 1909, to April, 1911. He also acted as president 
of the city board of Dahlgren. The deep insight which he gains into human nature 
through the daily practice of his profession has deepened in his own heart that 
regard for fraternity which finds its best expression outside of the churches in 
some of the fraternal orders, consequently he is very active in their behalf. He 
is a member of the Masonic order, of the Blue lodge, of the chapter and the 
commandery of Mount Vernon. He likewise belongs to the order of Elks and to the 
Odd Fellows of Mount Vernon. Along professional lines he is affiliated with a 
number of medical societies, being a member of the Jefferson County Medical Society, 
of the Southern Illinois Medical Association, of the Illinois State Medical 
Association and of the American Medical Association. Through his membership with 
these societies and by constant reading and study Dr. Morgan endeavors to keep 
abreast of the time as regards his own profession. 

He was married on the 12th of March, 1883, to Jennis Brumbaugh, who was born in 
Hamilton county. She is the daughter of Dr. A. M. Brumbaugh, of this county. 
Three children have been born to Dr. Morgan and his wife; Della, who is the wife 
of W. P. Wood, and has one child, Vermadell; Chloe, who is a student in Belmont 
College, at Nashville, Tennessee; and Paul W., who is attending Brawn's Business 
College at Marion, Illinois.

Source: History of Southern Illinois George Washington Smith, 
Page 1343 - 1344

Submitted by Robert W. Loman 

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