Jesse MAXEY born in 1750, son of Edward and grandson of Walter MAXEY
who came from Wales in the late 1600's. The family emigrated from France
to America about 1725. He had five children. He died in 1808 and is buried
north of Gallatin, Tennessee. William, oldest son of Jesse, was born in
1770 in Virginia. He married Mary Emily ALLEN in 1793 and moved to Jefferson
County in 1818. He died in 1838 and is buried at Pleasant Grove. He had
ten children. Those who stayed in Jefferson County and have descendants
here are: Clarissa was born in 1793, married James JOHNSON and raised eighteen
children. Elihu married Eveline TAYLOR and had eight children. He operated
a grist mill north of Pleasant Grove Church. Hostalina, the oldest daughter,
married Mervel SMITH. Their children were George, Harris, Ordelia, Ellen,
Thomas, and Lucy. George and Dan SMITH, Virginia SMITH MELTON, and Eleanor
SMITH TUCKER are grandchildren of Harris. Harriet married Thomas M. CASEY,
a farmer and preacher. They had eleven children. Charles Hardy married
Sally BRUCE in 1824. Their children were: Caroline, Mary, Martha, Susan,
and Drucilla. Mary married Joseph BURKE and their children were Charles,
Joseph. Bruce. John, and Orley. Maude BURKE MINOR is a daughter of John:
Jewel BURKE MANNEN a daughter of Orley. Martha married Dr. Cam FROST and
their children are: William, Arthur, Losia. Duff, Iva, and Angus. Oleta

and Erie FROST are the children of Duff FROST. Ila Mae (WHITLOCK) is a grand-daughter of Losia. Drucilla married James M. SWIFT and their children were: A.E., Lulu, Hardy, Will, Stella, Alva, Sadie'. Bertie, and Grace. Betty (WESCOTT) HARLOW is a granddaughter of Stella. Helen (SWIFT) MYERS and Martha Lou (SWIFT) FOSTER are granddaughters of Hardy SWIFT. Joshua CANNON had two children: Martha and William T. whose daughter married William A. PIERCY. Their grandchildren are Dorothy SMITH, Alma YEARGIN, Margaret SAMONS, and Rosemary HARRIS. William M. A. married Edda OWENS in 1830 and one of their sons, Samuel T., married Sarah PIERCY. Their children were: Edna, Mary "Buck" SWIFT, and olin. Fred J. UPCRAFT of Mt. Vernon is the son of Edna MAXEY UPCRAFT. Burchett married Margaret TAYLOR in 1815. Their 10 month old son Perigan, was the first white person buried in Jefferson County. Burchett moved on to Mt. vernon with the help of
Zadoc CASEY he built the first jail. He also built the first house on the square. Burchett had twelve children.
James C., born in 1827, seventh son of Burchett, married Nancy MOSS in 1850. Their children were: John R. who married Carrie SNODSMITH; Walter S. married Almeda HICKS and Estella WIEDEMAN and had four children: Oliver, Oscar S. married Ella BROWN and had Roy MAXEY. Lucille (JONES) CARUTHERS. Mary (COATS) BUFKIN, and Marjorie (COATS) HOLLEBACK are granddaughters of Oscar: Albion Frank married Susan Jane DAVIS and had James A. and Raymond whose daughter is Wilma MAXEY HANES; James Henry married May KELLER and Lena CHAPMAN and had a daughter, Helen: Lillie B. married Frank SUGG and had sons, Norman and Maxey; Moss married Lulu SWIFT, Winnie TANNER. then Ethel ELLIOTT and had Dr. Hugh and Vivian
CLEVELAND. Franklin, eleventh child of Burchett, married Susan WARREN and had son Raleigh who lives in Webber Township. Harvey Burchett's twelfth, was born in 1840 and married Elizabeth HOOK in 1864. Their children were: Albion who married Fanny WIGGINS and had Nellie who had Francis and Emory: Ray whose children are Pauline, Noble, Donald, Lucy, and Verla; Chancy had Denzil, Clyde. and Connie. Fred married Eva REDBURN and
their children were: Claude who had Glenadine and Mildred; Ralph had one child. June: Lena MAXEY MCHENRY; Hazel MAXEY WOOD: and Lou MAXEY YOUNG who had lola, Marjoarie. Robert S.. Fred, and Ralph. Harry married Alice WEBBER and their children were: Charlie; Lee had a daughter, Yvonne: Grace MAXEY TAYLOR had a son. Billie; Vern; Edd; and Floyd. Ed married Lillie BROOKMAN and their children were: Earl who had a son. Dale: Rosetta MAXEY CHASE whose children were MAXEY. Janette, and Virginia; Essie MAXEY ESMON had Vivian: Hershel; and Libby MAXEY ESMON who had Lloyd and Maxine.Clarence married Maud WOOD and one son. Clarence Jr. ORVILLE. William MAXEY. his wife, and ten children were all members of Pleasant Grove Church and all are buried there but one. When the church was organized July 2.1839, four of the seven trusteees were MAXEYS and one a brother-in-law. The MAXEY family furnished thirty-three soldiers to the Union cause. They have been farmers, preachers. school teachers. merchants. physicians. lawyers, and political leaders. --
Wilma Waxey HANES  Source:Facts and Folks A History Of Jefferson County, Illinois 1978 Submitted by: Misty Flannigan Dec3, 1997

Just an additional puzzle piece - We believe (not fully proven yet) that Hester MAXEY was a daughter of Jesse - born sometime in the early 1770's. Hester MAXEY married Henry WILKEY - their oldest being Bennett Maxey WILKEY b. 1793 - who fathered 18 or so children in Moores Prairie Twp., Jefferson Co., IL. Hester came to Illinois - and probably was one of the reasons the
other MAXEY's came there -- she was there in 1816. Sheldon JONES Dec3, 1997

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