These six families came together from Tennessee in 1818 to 
Jefferson County, Illinois: James C. DAVIS; James WILKERSON;
Nathan PARKER; James JOHNSON; William MAXEY (James Johnson's 
father-in-law); Henry Burchett MAXEY (James Johnson's brother-in-law). 
James JOHNSON was born in 1778 in Louisa County, Virginia which is 
about 40 miles from Richmond. He was the second son of John and 
Betsy Tyler JOHNSON who was a descendant of President TYLER. In 1803, 
four years after the death of John JOHNSON, the family consisting 
of the mother and ten children moved to Sumner County, Tennessee. 
James married a beautiful young lady, Clarissa MAXEY, in Tennessee.
They were the parents of 16 children, five of whom were born in 
Tennessee. Clarissa's parents, William and Mary Emily ALLEN MAXEY, 
were Jefferson County pioneers as were her grandparents Rhoda ALLEN 
and family. Rhoda ALLEN was the first person buried in the Old Union 
Cemetery and William MAXEY built the first mill here in 1820. He was 
also the Justice of the Peace in 1821. Clarissa died 29 years after 
coming to Illinois. She was a devout Christian, a loving wife and 
mother, and loved by family and friends. And James was the same. He 
cleared his land and built his home, a story-and-a-half log cabin, 
a mansion in its day, was their home until their deaths. They had 16 
children, most of whom married and scattered over many states. Children
of James and Clarissa JOHNSON were: John N. who married Sarah HOBBS; Lewis
who married Patsy HOBBS and later Susan LEE; William who married Lucretia
HOBBS; George died at the age of 19; Herbert died at the age of 8; Henry
died at the age of 2; Thomas Casey married Sarah Jane FROST: Madonna L.;
Abraham C. married Francis CRISWELL; Emily married Anthony WHITE; Betsy
married John SATTERFIELD; Malinda married Owen WARD; Jane married Arnold
ARMOUR: Katie married John WAITE; Sallie who married James BURGE; and Clarissa.
(Dorothy M. Hogue)


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Dec 15, 1997

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