John D. Hirons

Noteworthy among the enterprising and successful business men 
of Jefferson county is John D. Hirons, cashier of the Farmers' 
Bank of Waltonville. The great-grandson of John Hirons who settled 
in Jefferson county, Illinois, in 1829, he comes of substantial 
pioneer stock, and is numbered among the native born citizens of 
the county, his birth having occurred near Waltonville, July 25, 1879, 
on the farm of his father, the late Sidney T. Hirons. His paternal 
grandfather, Benjamin L. Hirons, was born in Ohio, and came to Jefferson 
county, Illinois, with his parents in 1829. He subsequently purchased 
government land in the vicinity of Waltonville, at one dollar and 
twenty-five cents an acre, and in course of time became one of the large 
landholders of this part of the county, and a most prosperous farmer. 
He died at Waltonville, Illinois, in the year 1891, and his widow, whose 
maiden name was Emily Place, afterwards married a Mr. Gilbert and is now 
living, a bright and active woman of four score and four years. 
Sidney T. Hirons, the father of John D. Hirons, spent his entire life 
of sixty years in Jefferson county, his birth occurring in 1850 and his 
death in June, 1910. He married Susan Dodds, who is still living, and to 
them four children were born, as follows: Mrs. Ruth Davis; John D., the 
special subject of this brief sketch; Hughs, living on the parental farm, 
one and one-half miles east of Waltonville; and Euterpe, wife of Ray Mannen. 
Receiving his elementary education in the common schools of his native 
district, John D. Hirons afterwards continued his studies for a time at 
the McKendree College, in Lebanon, Illinois. Having acquired a thorough 
knowledge of agriculture during his youthful days, he afterwards followed 
farming for awhile, and from 1903 until 1907 was engaged in mercantile 
business in Waltonville, In the latter year the Farmers' Bank of Waltonville 
was organized by the farmers of the community, and Mr. Hirons accepted a 
position as cashier of the institution, an office for which he is admirably 
qualified, and, in which he has since served most efficiently and satisfactorily. 
The officers of the bank are men of integrity and worth, and include the 
following named officers and directors: President, T. H. Mannen; vice president, 
Dr. J. W. Jeffries; cashier, John D. Hirons; assistant cashier, W. J. Gilbert. 
The directors are as follows: J. F. Allen, H. P. Daniels, W. J. Gilbert, 
Jarret McCowan, Henry Pero, T. H. Mannen, J. D. Dodds, H. H. Davis, J. W. 
Jeffries, W. R. Shurtz and John F. Walker, The bank has a capital stock of 
fifteen thousand dollars, its list of stockholders comprising about forty-five 
of the leading farmers of this section of Jefferson county, with an individual 
liability of five hundred thousand dollars. 
On April 14, 1903, Mr. Hirons was united in marriage with Lela McConaughey, 
of Waltonville, a daughter of Andrew J. McConaughey, and into their pleasant 
home two children have made their advent, namely: Lucille, born February 5, 1904, 
and Margaret, born December 9, 1905. Fraternally Mr. Hirons is a member of 
the Independent Order of Odd Fellows and of the Modern Woodmen of America. 

Source: History of Southern Illinois George Washington Smith, 
Page 1237 - 1238

Submitted by Robert W. Loman

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