Dr. Willis Duff Green

Dr. Willis Duff Green was born in Danville, Ky., January 18, 1821. 
His father, Dr. Duff Green, an eminent physician of that place , was 
the eldest son of Willis Green, who emigrated to Kentucky from the 
Shenandoah Valley of Virginia about the year 1780. He is a brother of 
Judge W. H. Green, of Cairo, Ill. He was educated primarily at Center 
College, in his native town and was a classmate of Gen. John C. Breckenridge. 
Upon relinquishing college life, he began the study of medicine with his 
father, remaining under his preceptorship for a period of two years. He 
then, at the expiration of this time, attended the Medical Department of 
the Transylvania University, and graduated from the Medical College of 
Ohio. He then began the practice of his profession at Hartford, Ky., where 
he resided for a year and a half. He afterward practiced for two years in 
Pulaski, Tenn., removing subsequently, in 1846, to Mount Vernon, Ill., 
which has since been his home, and where he has been constantly and 
successfully occupied in the practice of his profession, which extends over 
the entire southern portion of the State. 

In politics, he has invariably and consistently supported the principles 
and platforms of the Democratic party, and as the Breckenridge candidate 
for Congree, was defeated with the head of the ticket. He is a prominent
member of the Odd Fellows of Illinois, and has officiated as Grand Master, 
also as a Representative to the Grang Lodge of the United States. He is noted 
for his generosity in charitable enterprises, and has always been an active 
and a zealous member of benevolent societies and organizations. He was 
President of the Mt. Vernon Railroad Company, until it was merged in the 
St. Louis & Southern Railroad, and in the performance of the important 
functions attendant on that office evinced the possession od admirable 
administrative powers. He is a man of Scholarly attainments, a skillful 
and reliable physician, and a useful member of the community amid which 
he is an esteemed and loved townsman. He was married, in 1844, to Corinne 
L. Morton, of Hartford, Ky. 

Source: History of Jefferson County Illinois 
By: William Henry Perrin, 1883
Submitted by Cindy Ford 

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