Dr. William M. A. Maxey
Dr. William M. A. Maxey, the son of William T.
Maxey was born in Tennessee and was six years of age when the family moved
to Illinois in 1818. He was reared amid the stirring scenes of the pioneer
period, and when a young man bought timber from which he split rails at
fifty cents per hundred to pay for his tuition for a few months at a subscription
school, in which the three fundamentals of "readin', writin', and ‘rithmetic"
constituted the course of study. Despite this limited intellectual discipline,
however, he subsequently became not only one of the best informed men of
the community but in due time read medicine and for more than forty years
was one of the most successful physicians in Jefferson County. Medical
men being few in those days caused a wide demand for his services, and
it is said that his patients were scattered over three counties. In waiting
on them he rode many hundred miles and was not infrequently absent from
home three while making his professional calls. He also devoted considerable
attention to agriculture, and his farm was one of the best improved and
most productive in the county. For many years Captain S.T. Maxey, his son,
had his possession the old pair of saddle bags in which his father carried
medicines to treat all diseases common to humanity in the early times,
the leather being still strong and the contents of the bags the same as
when he discontinued his practice, after his long and arduous service.

Dr. Maxey was not a physician, but was a local minister. He died in Iowa in 1890, at the age of 78.

Dr. Wm M.A. Maxey was the grandfather of Olen Maxey and Mrs. Fred Upcraft of this city. SOURCE:: History Of Jefferson County, Illinois Continental Historic Bureau 1962 Submitted By: Misty Flannigan Dec 1997

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