Dr. Thomas B. Williamson
Progress along all professional lines forms one
of the prominent characteristics of the age in which we live. Startling
discoveries in science are announced to a wondering world with amazing
frequency, and achievements in the fields of industry and invention are
a constant source df astonishment, even to those of the most sanguine and
optimistic turn of mind. In the domain of medicine the advance has kept
pace with modern achievements in other lines, and many diseases and ailments
that were once the scourge and terror of mankind are being rapidly brought
under control and will, no doubt, become entirely stamped out of existence.
Among the promising young men in this profession in Jefferson county is
the gentleman whose name introduces this article.

Dr. Thomas B. Williamson was born in this county in 1884. and is the son of Thomas and Dora (Phillips) Williamson, the former being a native of Kentucky and the latter of Illinois Doctor Williamson's grandfather was an Englishman, having emigrated to America, and settled in Kentucky, where he engaged in farming and stock raising. He was an expert judge of good stock and was successful in raising fine blooded horses, achieving a reputation which was far more than local in its scope. He died in 1871, having attained the age of eighty-seven years. Three children were born to him, one of whom, our subject's father, came to Illinois in 1861. He settled in Jefferson county and devoted himself to farming, and departed this life in 1884. His companion died at the age of thirty-four. Thomas was the only child born to this union.

Our subject was educated in the McLeansboro schools, where he finished the high school course. Following this he spent two years at Ewing College, and then decided to make preparation for the practice of medicine. He accordingly became a student in the Medical College of St. Louis from which he graduated in June 1906. He spent one year in active work in the Metropolitan Hospital of St. Louis, after which he came to Opdyke, where he has followed his profession up to the present time. He has built up a good practice, and has readily established himself in the confidence and esteem of neighbors and friends. His skill in diagnosing diseases and thorough knowledge of modern methods of treatment haveing enabled him to achieve success in the face of many unfavorable conditions.

On, August 5, 1906, Doctor Williamson was joined in marnage to Miss Lillian D. Kern, who was born in Franklin county, this state. One daughter has graced this union, viz., Lucille Frances, born December 13' 1907.

Our subject takes an active part in the social and public life of the community. He is a member of the Masonic fraternity, the Royal Neighbors, and the Modern Woodmen, acting as examining physician for the last two orders.

Doctor Williamson is a Republican, and he maintains a strict stand for integrity in the discharge of all public obligations. His church affiliations are with the Baptist denomination. SOURCE:Walls History of Jefferson County, Il By John A. Wall 1909 pg 476 Submitted by: Misty Flannigan Dec 1997

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