Dr. S. L. Williams
Dr. S. L. Williams, physician, Spring Garden, was born in Franklin Co., Ill., 
Nov 13, 1839. Is a son of S. M. and Francis (Shaw) Williams.  
The father was born in North Carolina January 25, 1792, and was emigrated 
to Franklin Co in 1837, and  there died in Sept, 1875.  
The mother was also a native of North Carolina,
and died in Franklin Co in July, 1874.  Subject was next to the youngest
of a family of fourteen children, and of this number seven are living. 
Subject's education was recieved in schools in Franklin Co.  Until
twenty-four years of age, he remained at home with his father, then started
out in life for himself on a farm in that county.  There he remained
until 1865, when he went to Cincinnati, and there attended the PPhysio-Mediccal
Collage for a short time.  From that institution he returned to Franklin
Co, and commenced the prctice of his chosen profession.  He only 
remaainned there a short time, however, and then came to Spring Garden
Township, where he has since built up quite an extensive practice.  
Since his coming to this county, he haas been here all the time, with the
exception of 1878 and 1879, when he attended lectures in St. Louis American
Collage, from which institutionhe graduated in 1879.  The Doctor
was married, January 22, 1869, to Miss Margaret J. Arnold, a native of
Robertson County, Tenn., and a daughter of James M. and Nancy (Felse) Williams. 
This union has resulted in four children, of whom three aaare living---Hugh,
Curtis, and Alsa.  In politics he is a democrat.

SOURCE: "History of Jefferson County, Illinois"
Wm. Henry Perrin 1883

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