Dr. Hiram S. Plummer

Hiram S. Plummer, Mayor of Mt. Vernon.  The spirit of self-help is the root of all genuine growth in the individual, and as exhibited in the lives of many constitutes the true source of national vigor and strength. The record of Dr. Plummer is such as to entitle him to a prominate place among the self-made and successful men of Illinois.  His life is an example of the power of patient purpose, resolute working and steadfast integrity, showing, in the language not to be misunderstood, what it is possible to accomplis, and illustrating the efficacy of self-respect and self-reliance in enabling man to work out for himself an honorable competency and solid reputation.  He is the third child of Joseph and Eunice (Cummings) Plummer, and was born in Maryville, Union Co., OH, on the 25th of February, 1831.  Joseph Plummer was a native of Rutland County, VT., born in 1794, and was there reared until he was eighteen years of age, and with his parents then moved to Lower Canada.  Here he remained with his parents until he reached his majority, and then moved to Union County, Ohio, where he engaged in farming.  In 1871, he came to Mt. Vernon., Illinois, and resided with the Doctor until he died, which sad event occurred in 1873.  His wife, and mother of our subject, was born in Marietta, Ohio, in 1802, and was married on the 3ed of February, 1820; she died in Mechanicsburg, Ohio, in 1865.  Hiram S. Plummer spent his early life at home, assisting  to till the farm, and receiving the benefit of the common schools. At twenty years of age, he left his home and began the study of medicine under the preceptorship of Dr. Andrew Wilson, of Urbana. Ohio, and remained with him three years, subsequently graduating from the Cincinnati College of Medicine and Surgery with the degree of M.D.. He immediately entered upon the practice of his chosen profession, and continued the same until breaking out of the late rebellion in 1862. He yielded to the promptings of patriotism and enlisted as Assistant Surgeon of the One Hundred and Tenth Illinois Regiment.  After the battle of Perryville, he was detatched to take charge of the wounded, and subsequently, in June, 1863, he was appointed Surgeon in charge of the hospital at Nashville Tenn., and on the consolidation of his regiment in November of the same year, he was mustered out of the service, but remained in charge of the hospital under contract until spring of 1864, when he resigned his position, returned to his home in Mt. Vernon, Illinois and resumed his practice, continuing the same until February, 1865, when he again entered the service, this time as Surgeon of the One Hundredth and Fifty Second Regiment.  In October of the same year, he returned home and has been engaged in his professional work, doing a large and lucrative practice.  He was married, in Sept., 1860, to Miss Martha, a daughter of Harvey T. Pace, one of the old pioneers of the county.  Mrs. Plummer is a native of the county, and is the mother of the following seven children: Hollie. Grace, Minnie M., Nanie, Ada R., Lulla and H. Gale.  Dr. Plummer is an active worker for the republican party, and has several official position.  He is now Mayor of the city, is a member of the order A.F.&A.M., and a member of the Southern Illinois Medical Society. SOURCE: "History of Jefferson County, Illinois" Wm. Henry Perrin 1883 SUBMITTED BY: Misty Flannigan Dec 1997

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