Anderson Newton
An early settler in Jefferson County was Anderson Newton, who immigrated 
to Illinois from Robertson County, Tennessee, in 1852 and settled on a farm 
in Webber Township. He was born in 1810 in Orange County, North Carolina, 
the son of Henry Newton and the grandson of George Newton of Mecklenburg 
County, Virginia, who served in the Revolutionary War.

Anderson had not prospered in Tennessee and was looking for the "promised 
land" when he brought his family to Illinois. At this time, his family 
consisted of his wife, Saluda Parsons Newton and three children - Meredith, 
Joseph Henry and Sarah A., who became Mrs. W.B. White. Anderson Jr. and 
Nancy J. were born later, but both died young. Anderson Sr. died in 1862, 
Saluda in 1884, and are buried near the two youngest children in a family 
plot on the farm on the old Fairfield Road.

Meredith, the oldest son, was born March 2, 1834 and was 18 years old 
when he came to Illinois. Most of his life was spent in Jefferson County. 
He married Tabitha T. Bayne in 1862 and they became the parents of four 
children - Malvina, Alice, Clyde and Joseph. Malvina (Mallie) married 
James B. Warren. Alice married Cary Haney, and the boys died young. 
Meredith and Tabitha lived on a farm south of Marlow and he spent many 
years as a teacher in schools in the county. He often said that
he taught letters to two generations. For many years. he was Sunday 
School superintendent at Marlow Methodist Church. He died on June 14, 1915, 
at the age of 81.

His descendants are scattered but two continue to live in Jefferson County. 
Belle Warren, daughter of Mallie, taught school for 50 years, most of the 
time in the elementary schools of Mt. Vernon. James C. Warren, grandson of 
Mallie, is a school teacher and farmer living in Farrington Twp. with his 
wife and son.

Anderson's second son, Joseph H., was born September 9, 1837, and was 15 years old when he came with his parents to Illinois. He taught school for several winters, and then "read medicine" in the office to Dr. Stonemetz in Lynchburg. a small village north of Opdyke. He was married to Lavina Starner in 1864 and they went to Macedonia. IL, where he began the practice of medicine. After about a year, he moved to Marlow, IL, and practiced medicine there for 23 years. In 1890. he opened a general store in Marlow. Dr. Newton was a Civil War veteran. having served for four months until rheumatism, acquired from sleeping on the ground, disabled him. He and his brother, Meredith, got together enough money to pay a substitute to take his place. Ten children were born to Dr. and Mrs. Newton. They were Ada, Eva C.. Alluna, Annie E., Walter H., Kate and Henry (twins), Leda. Della and Van Cleve. Ada died at the age of 12 and Henry at two weeks. but the remainder grew to maturity The last surviving child was Annie, who died in 1972 at the age of 98. In 1906, Dr. Newton sold his store in Marlow and moved to Mt. Vernon. He was one of the incorporators of the old Jefferson State Bank and served as a vice-president until his death November 24, 1924. His wife had died in 1912. Four grandchildren live in this area: Walter N. Scott, a farmer, lives near Bluford; Newton Scott lives just across the line in Wayne County: and Vina Gowler lives in Opdyke. All are children of Alluna. The fourth grandchild is Katherine Morris Fitzgerrell. daughter of Kate. who lives in Mt. Vernon. She is married to Louis R. Fitzgerrell. (See Morris and Fitzgerrell family histories). Katherine served the Mt. Vernon High School as nurse and guidance counselor for 22 years until her retirement in 1976. SOURCE: FACTS AND FOLKS HISTORY OF JEFFERSON COUNTY 1978 PG 261 & 262 Submitted By: Jan Staples

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