Dr. Willoughby ADAMS
Dr. Willoughby ADAMS has also been mentioned as one of the early 
excellent physicians to locate in Jefferson County. He came here in 
the early Twenties and located first in the small village of Mt. Vernon 
where he followed his profession.

Later he located in Dodds Township on the old Goshen Road, southeast of Mt. Vernon some four or five miles. His services were valuable, as the ague was a frequent visitor in every household. He was also reputed to be a good surgeon for those days. On one occasion, some men who had visited a grocery at Ham's Grove, where they sold intoxicating liquors, became embroiled in a general fight. One man who had an old hawk-billed knife raked his antagonist across the abdominal walls until the intestines were protruding. He was carried up to Dr. ADAMS home where the doctor dressed him, sewed up the wound and the patient recovered.

His popularity grew in the estimation of the people, and as early as 1841 he was chosen as one of the county commissioners, in which capacity he served with honor and was frequently re-elected. In 1849 he was chosen Associate Justice of the County Court. This position he filled for many years. He was the first practicing physician in Dodds Township and was also the first county surveyor. He erected a home on the old Goshen Road near what is now Arnold Cemetery. The chimney was built of stones, and one large stone had engraved on it "1833" which was probably the year it was erected.

Uncle John MILLS, who died in Dodds Township a few years ago at the age of 103, married a daughter of Dr. ADAMS.

At his own request, he was buried a short distance from his residence, where more of his family are sleeping the sleep that knows no waking, in Arnold Cemetery. Source:Jefferson County History Historical Bureau 1962 Submitted By: Misty Flannigan Dec 1997

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