Top Row---
W.R. Ross, O.A. Suttle. J.A. Clark, A.W. Modert, J.W. Hamilton, 
S.A. Thompson, Moss Maxey, L.C. Morgan, A.M. Frost

Bottom Row--- Robt. R. Smith, H. M. Swift, Wm G. Parker, C. J. Poole, Chas. Hall 

Jefferson County Dental Association

Top Row: 
W. E. Setzekorn, John J. Corlew, M.M. Lumbattis, B.B. Tatman 
Bottom Row: 
R.G. Miller, Aurthur Iron, M.N. McAtee, G.H. Herbert

In 1870, almost all physicians were unlicensed. In most jurisdictions, 
anyone could hang up a shingle and practice medicine.

The early physicians of Jefferson County were men who had studied 
under preception for a number of years and recieved such instructions 
and information as their preceptors could impart. This equipped them 
just about as well as if they had attended a medical school in those 
early days, because practically all the information they could receive 
at the schools was through lecture courses. These schools had no labratories, 
autopsies were not permitted to discover the causes of death, and subjects 
for disection could only be secured by robbing newly made graves.

There was no law in Illinois prior to 1877 to prevent any one from 
practicing medicine who so desired, as no license was required. 
The Illinois Medical Practice Act of 1877 and Illinois State Board of 
Health interpretations of their statute became important models for 
numerous states. The requisite for this license was they should be a 
graduate of an approved medical school, or should have been actively 
engaged in the practice of medicine for ten years prior to the passage of 
this law.
Dr. Willoughby Adams

Dr. D. H. Arendale

Dr. Bernard

Dr. Robert Blum

Dr. M. V. B. Bogan Obit

Dr. S. B. Bogan

Dr. W. H. Boswell

Dr. Thomas Allen Clark

Dr. Norman W. Connaway

Dr. William Albion Dulany

Dr. I.G. Gee

Dr. Harl L. Gee

Dr. Wilbur Gilmore

Dr. J. C. Gray

Dr. Earl Green

Dr. Willis Duff Green

HALL, Dr. Andy

HILLIARD, Dr. Samuel H.

HUGHEY, Dr. William Allen 
Dr. Lemuel B. Gregory

Dr. J. W. Jeffries Obit

Dr. William A. Jones

Dr. A.C. Johnson

Dr. Cinderrellus Koons

Dr. W. O. Manion 

Dr. William M. A. Maxey

Dr. Moss Maxey

Dr. Ed Miller

Dr. J. H. Mitchell

Dr. M. V. B. Montgomery

Dr. Joseph H. Newton

Dr. O. P. Norris

Dr. William K. Parker

Dr. J. W. Peavler

Dr. Hiram S. Plummer

Dr. Charles Judson Poole

Dr. R. C. Richardson

Dr. J. W. Robinson Obit

Dr. W. R. Ross

Dr. J. B. Scarborough

Dr. Jacob Stonemetz

Dr. Hardy Maxey Swift

Dr. John M. Smith

Dr. S.A. Thompson 

Dr. Carl Wilhelm Vincenz

Dr. J. H. Watson

Dr. John W. Watson

Dr. Walter Watson

Dr. James Walter Wells

Dr. John T. Whitlock

Dr. Carter Wilkey

Dr. James Henry Wilkey

Dr. S. L. Williams

Dr. Thomas B. Williamson


Hospitals The first hospital in Mt. Vernon was a temporary one set up in the Appellate Courthouse after the 1888 Cyclone. Excelsior Sanitarium The first permanent hopital was the Excelsior Sanitarium opened in 1895 by Drs. Frank and Will McClain. Excelsior Sanitarium opened in 1895 The Mt. Vernon Hospital opened in July 1903 in the same building Egyptian Hospital Opened c.1909 and closed between 1915 and 1920

Thompson Hospital, North Twelfth St. Mt. Vernon Opened in 1919 and closed in 1943 Good Samaritan Hospital Opened in January 1944 and used the Thompson Hospital building until a new hospital was built in May 1952 Jefferson Memorial Hospital Originally the offices for the Mt. Vernon Car Manufacturing Co. The building was converted into a hospital in 1947 and closed in 1979 Tuberculosis Sanitarium Opened in 1951 and closed in 1974


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