Henry B. Davis
Henry B. Davis, a minister of the Baptist Church in Bluford, 
has devoted the greater part of his life to the salvation of 
others and in his chosen field has greatly prospered.  Not only 
is he highly esteemed by those of his own church but his name is 
a synonym for honesty and upright character wherever he is known.

Our subject is the son of David B. and Christina (Peel) Davis, 
natives of North Carolina, and was born October 31, 1840.  The 
parents were married in their native state, where they reared a 
family of three children: Mary A.; Riley; and Jasper. In 1839 they 
came west to Illinois and located in Weber Township, Jefferson County, 
and in the course of time had eight children added to their family.  
Bloomon is residing in Salem, Marion County, this state; David makes 
his home in Ogden, Utah; Evan is a farmer near Centralia, near which 
place James also makes his home; Melissa is the wife of Jasper Crane, 
of Marion County, and Artie is now Mrs. James Huff, of Weber township; 
Jasper and Riley died when quite young.

The father of our subject came to Weber Township when the dwellings 
of the inhabitants were few and far between, and here made his home 
until 1892. He was a popular and energetic citizen and accumulated 
considerable property, his success, however, was not attained without 
difficulties, and his life verified the old belief that everything 
is possible to the man possessing energy and good judgment.

Reece Davis, the paternal grandfather of our subject, was a native 
of North Carolina, and like many of his descendants, also came to 
Illinois, where he departed this life at the advanced age of eighty-
four years. He reared a large family of children, nearly all of whom 
lived to remarkable ages. Great Grand-father David Davis was born in 
Wales and came to this country prior to the Revolutionary War, at 
which time he located in Virginia, where his family of children were 
reared to mature years. He was a sea-faring man and the owner of a 
vessel which plied the Atlantic, carrying people from the Old Country 
to the United States. His sons figured prominently in the affairs of 
Virginia, as did the family of Richardsons, from which the great grand-
mother of our subject was descended. Reece Davis was a planter in 
North Carolina, where he and several of his brothers were large 
slave-holders. The representatives of the Davis family in this country 
are quite numerous and many of them took an active part in defending 
the Old flag during the late war.

H.B. Davis, of this sketch grew to manhood on his father's farm and 
being the eldest son living was obliged to work very hard in clearing 
and opening up the new home. He attended the common schools, and in 
1864 became a student in Shurtleff College, in Upper Alton. Later 
he entered the Chicago University, from which institution he was 
graduated with the Class of 71, and for fifteen years thereafter 
taught school in this and adjoining counties. He has also been engaged 
for a number of years as a minister of the Baptist Church and is a 
popular man, an energetic citizen and a self-sacrificing minister. 
He is a strong believer in Prohibition principles, which part he 
supports by his influence and vote.
Source: Unknown Submitted by Sandy Bauer

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