Peter Benjamin Casey
Mr. And Mrs. Peter B. Casey

Among the pioneer settlers of Reynolds County a Mr. And Mrs. Peter B. 
Casey of Redford.  Uncle Peter was born in Jefferson County, Illinois, 
January 30, 1832.  He came with his parents to Missouri and settled in 
Oregon County in 1840, and remained in that county until he was grown.  
His father John C. Casey was a member of the first county court 
organized in Oregon County.  The other two members being Charles Huddleston 
and Leslie Maldon.  Uncle Peter was well acquainted with, and a warm 
friend of the late Judge John R. Woodside, and holds Judge Lee B. Woodside 
of Salem in the highest esteem, having visited with him at his home in 
Salem a few years ago.  He is one of those remarkable characters 
without any early education has accumulated a vast store of knowledge and 
information.  We doubt if there is a man in Reynolds County today that is 
better posted on the history of the national and state government since 
1854 than he and he has gained it all by reading newspapers.  He simply 
digests every newspaper that he can get possession of.  He was a hunter 
in his early life as most of the settlers and tells of many experiences 
in that line that make interesting reading.  One or two we call to mind 
he has related to us.  When about 12 years old in 1844 he went with his 
father on a bear hunt, as that was the most valuable game.  They camped 
for several days on the head of Hurricane Creek, Shannon County, near 
the residence of the land now owned and farmed by William Payne.  His 
father would leave him to keep camp and he would go out into the 
wilderness and hunt all day.  So numerous were the panthers and wolves that 
young Casey was afraid by himself and would climb a forked tree that stood 
near the camp and stay up there until his father's return.  He had 
taken a hatchet and trimmed the crouch to make the seat more comfortable.  
He visited the place a few years ago and says the tree is still 
standing and shows the scars where he hewed it 64 years ago.  At that time no 
one lived between Thomasville and Jack's Fork.  He relates as his most 
successful experience when in 1866 he and James Barnes killed seven 
bear in three days.  He moved to Reynolds County in 1853 and in July of 
1853 was married to Miss Ferbia Piles, his present wife, who was born in 
Reynolds County on April 9, 1838.  They have reared a large family.

Uncle Peter is proud of the fact that in 1860 he cast the only vote in 
Reynolds County for Abraham Lincoln for President.  In 1863 politics 
became to warm for comfort and he moved back to Illinois, and remained 
two years, when he returned to Reynolds County and has remained ever 
since.  He has voted for every republican for President since Lincoln and 
probably there was no man in Missouri who felt more like burning his hat 
over the election of Hadley than Uncle Peter.  There never was a 
Republican gathering in Reynolds County but what he was the first man on the 
ground.  He is a farmer by occupation and works in the fields every 
year.  Both he and his wife are members of the Missionary Baptist Church 
and have been for many years.  He is a student of religious matters and 
knows the Bible almost by heart.

Source: Ellington Press Newspaper, Reynolds County, Missouri Biographical sketch on Mr. And Mrs. Peter B. Casey This information came from the State Historical Society out of the Ellington Press Newspaper dated December 24, 1908. (Newspaper Microfilm Collection) Additional note: A picture is above this article but was not clear on the microfilm Submitted by Connie Stretch Great-Great Granddaughter

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