First Lt. John Campbell, Jr. fought in the Civil War and was killed 
April, 1862. His son, William Craig Campbell was born September, 1858, 
in Perry County and married Lucy Kirwan in December, 1889. Three sons 
were born to them: William Walter, Hobart McKinley and George Kirwan.

Lucy Campbell died May, 1905. The family moved to Arkansas for their 
grandfather's health. They came to Mt. Vernon around 1910 and lived
on South 15th Street. William C. Campbell died July of 1915.

Walter was a veteran of the first World War. He served in the army from
April, 1918, to September, 1919. He was a member of the famous 78th 
Lightning Division and was in a number of major battles: Grand Pie, 
Argonne, St. Miheil and others. He lived in Salem, Illinois, until
his death January, 1933. He never married.

George graduated from George Washington University.School of Medicine 
and Surgery, Washington, D.C., June. 1930. He was married for a time to 
Nelle Steinheimer and they had no children. He died suddenly in February 
of 1946.

Hobart, as a young man, hauled wood, worked in the ketchup factory, and
at Pollock Lumber Yard as an accountant. He went into the service for
a short time in 1918, but was discharged when he caught the flu. He
bought a home at 729 S. 17th Street in 1920, and married Sophia Loos in 
Perry County, April, 1927. Four children were born to them: Mildred,
Dorothy, William and Hobart, Jr. Hobart, Sr. worked for many years at the 
car shops and selling Fuller brushes. Sophia died April, 1945. He married 
Marie Damrel October, 1946. One son was born to them: Roger Dale.

Mildred married William Kell of Mt. Vernon in Portland, Oregon, where
he was stationed in the Navy. A son, Michael, was born in Mt. Vernon,
and a daughter, Kathryn in Chicago. They now live in St. Mary's, Ohio. 
Michael lives in Evanston, Illinois. Kathy married Ricky Brown of Murphysboro, 
Illinois. They' have a daughter, Sara Michael, and a son, Benjamin 
Christopher, and are living in St. Mary's also.

Dorothy married John Sesney in Mt. Vernon. They have two children: a 
daughter, Marcia, and a son, Joseph. Marcia married Gary Tinsley of Dix, 
Illinois. They have a daghter, Natalie Rae. They live in Woodlawn, 
Illinois. John has carried mail in west Mt. Vernon for 26 years.

William served in the Air Force from January, 1955, to June, 1958. He 
attended Southern Illinois University and graduated from Murray State
University in 1961 with a Bachelor of Science degree. He is employed at
Westvaco in Wickliffe, Kentucky. He married Barbara Trainer in Bardwell, 
Kentucky. They have one son, Jonathan Scott.

Hobart, Jr. served in the Air Force from January, 1955, to 1969. He 
attended Gem City College and obtained a degree in HorologY" and works 
at Jackson Jewelers. He was married to Annette Howe in England. Their 
daughter, Candace Ann, now lives with her mother in Hoffman Estates, 
Illinois. Hobart, Jr.lives at 729 S. 17th Street. Roger is the owner-operator 
of CampbeIl's Ambulance Service in Centralia, Illinois. He has a son, 
Roger Dale, Jr.
He is now married to Linda Lewking of Centralia and they have a son, 
William Robert.

Hobart M. Campbell, Sr. died December, 1970. Marie Campbell lives in
Mt. Vernon.
- Dorothy Campbell Sesney and Hobart M. Campbell, Jr.

Some ommisions may have occured to protect living individuals.

Source: Facts and Folks A History of Jefferson County, Illinois"
Jefferson County Historical Society
Printed by Taylor Publishing Company, Dallas, TX Page 108, 109

Submitted by Sandy Whalen Bauer

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