Richard Lee Bumpus, farmer in Jefferson County, was born October 7, 1839 
in Bowling Green, KY area. Richard and his two brothers moved from 
Kentucky to Jefferson County about 1860 at the age of 21. He married 
Eliza Jane Harvill and they were the parents of five children, four 
having died in infancy. Joanna lived and later married George 
Whisenhunt. Mrs. Bumpus passed away in child birth. Richard later 
married Amanda J. Puckett on January II, 1874. They were the parents
of Rosie May (Mrs. Tom Atichson), Cora Alice, (Mrs. Albert Goddard),
Steven A. and Robert L. and twins George W. and Julia A. (Mrs. John Pilson).

Records show that Richard sold his tobacco crop of 1861 to Cooksy and 
Hudgens for the price of $4.25 per hundred. Mr. Bumpus during his 
lifetime, acquired a total of 280 acres of farm land located in Spring 
Garden Township and Dodds Township. Upon his death, Richard gave his 
wife and each of his children 40 acres of land. Another of his 
occupations was well digging. He was known to have dug many wells in 
this area, one being located at the Hopper School.

Robert Lee Bumpus, farmer in Spring Garden Twp. was born August 26, 
1884, the son of Richard and Amanda. He married Nancy Elizabeth Marlow 
on February 21, 1906. They were the parents of eight sons; Ralph Lee, 
George Earl, Richard Cornelious, Oren Eugene, William Dean, Nelson 
Harold. Orner Marlow, and Howard Harlton. Mr. and Mrs. Bumpus were 
members of the Hams Grove Missionary Baptist Church Robert was not only
a farmer but also was a carpenter. He and his sons were responsible for
rebuilding the Tony Point School in 1923 and the Hopper School in 1925.
These were both one room schools.

Ralph Lee married Beulah Story and now resides in Mattoon, IL. They
are the parents of three children; Wanda Lee. Evelyn and Martin. George
Earl married Dora Belle Wangler and they now reside in Charleston, IL. They 
are the parents of three children; Francis, Fredrick and Robert McDonald. 
Richard Cornelious (Neil), married Mildred Neimeyer and they now reside in 
West Union, IL. They are the parents of five children; Dorthea, Richard, 
Kathryn, Jean, and one son deceased.

Oren Eugene married Pauline Konklin and they were the parents of three 
children, Barbara, Roberta and Larry. Mrs. Bumpus passed away, leaving 
Oren with three small children. He later married Stella Oakes and they 
now reside in Danville. IL. William Dean married Mary Newman and they 
are the parents of one son, Dale. They now reside in Champaign, IL. 
Howard Harlton married Patricia Myles and they are the parents of four 
children; Nancy, Allen, Roger and Randy. They now reside in Detroit, MI.

Starting in 1970, all of the Bumpus brothers and their children, 
grandchildren and great grandchildren now return to the home place for 
their annual family reunion. A little tent city springs up overnight at
the farm home of the late Robert and Nancy Bumpus. Campers and tents 
come from all directions. Festivities include motorcycling, picnicing, 
games and campĀ­fires. Many friends and neighbors of this area take
part in making this a delightful time for the Bumpus family. In 1973 the 
Illinois Centennial Farm plaque from Gov. Richard Ogilvie was presented to 
the sons of Mr. and Mrs. Bumpus. This plaque was presented to farms 
in the state which have been in the same family for the last 100 years.

Some ommisions may have occured to protect living individuals.

"Facts and Folks A History of Jefferson County, Illinois"
Jefferson County Historical Society
Printed by Taylor Publishing Company, Dallas, TX Page 106 
Submitted by Sandy Whalen Bauer

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