Samuel Bullock was born in Virginia in 1759 and died in 1843. He
married Nancy Oard. One of their children was George, who was born 
in 1798 and died in 1888. The Bullocks came to Jefferson County in 
the 1880s.
George married Mary Ann Allen, who was born in Tennessee in 1813. She 
was the daughter of Rhodam Allen who was the son of Roda Allen, born 
in 1742. Roda died August 24, 1820 and was the first person to be buried 
in Old Union Cemetery. George is buried in West Salem Cemetery and the 
inscription on his tombstone states that he gave a part of the land for
the cemetery.

Benjamin F. Bullock was the fourth of seven children of George and Mary
Ann. He was born in 1839 and died in 1899. He enlisted in Company I, 
44th Illinois Volunteer Infantry in August 1861 and served three years,
participating in some of the severest battles in the Civil War. He 
wrote, in a letter to his parents dated May 9, 1863, "We had a big 
brigade drill on the first of this month and General Crana and his
wife, General McCook, his wife, and General Sheridan were present and we 
have got the praise of being the best drilled of any of this army." A
history from the government regarding this regiment states that by February 18,
1864, "It had marched over 5,000 miles. - The troops were at the point 
of starvation several times, having, for days at a time nothing but com
on the ear, and but a limited supply of that." After Benjamin's return 
from the war he settled on his farm in Shiloh Township.

He married Vienna Melcher in April 1865. Her father was Noah Melcher
and her mother was Lura Gillet. After the death of Lura, Noah married 
Susannah Melissa Gilbert. He was a sea captain and came here from
Benjamin F. and Vienna had ten children, three of whom died at birth or
in early childhood. Another child, Arthur, was dragged to death by a 
horse at the age of 13. Everett married Allie Wright and their children
were Arthur, Ploma and Lorena (Parrish). Melissa married Clinton Davis 
and their children were Lee, Nancy (Brown), William, Melcher and
Jennie (Corder). Melissa, like her mother, was an invalid for many years. 
Virgil married Minerva Dare and their children were Lela (Robinson), 
Aaron, Robert, Leota (Ward), Marion and Florence (Johnson). Roscoe 
married Celstin Hertenstein and their children were Glen, Aletha 
(Edmison) and Benjamin R. Eva married James Metcalf and their children 
were Gerald and Vienna (Wilson). Earl married Nina Edwards and their 
children were Irvin, Paul and Howard.

The farm of Benjamin F. Bullock consisted of several hundred acres
and was sometimes referred to as Bullock's Prairie. At the death of
Benjamin it was divided among his six children and all lived as farmers 
on their inherited land. The site of the homestead is on the north side of 
State Route 15 west of I-57 and is still owned by Nina and her son Howard 
Bullock. Melcher Davis and Glen Bullock still reside on portions of
the property which was inherited by their parents. Parts of the land were 
purchased from the United States by the Bullocks in 1833 and 1848.

Some ommisions may have occured to protect living individuals.

Source: "Facts and Folks A History of Jefferson County, Illinois"
Jefferson County Historical Society
Printed by Taylor Publishing Company, Dallas, TX Page 105, 106
Submitted by Sandy Whalen Bauer

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