J. D. Z. Brown, b. 1779, and Harriet of Indian nationality, b. 1821, 
homesteaded the southeast corner of Harmony Road and Rt. 15 m Jefferson
Co. They had 6 ch.; Rosie, Sara, Charlie, Joseph, Logen, and Cop. 
Harriet buried Rosie, Sara, and her husband who died in 1867, on this 
property. More settlers came and Harriet had to move to the property 
adjoining on the south, because she and J. D. Z. had homesteaded the 
wrong property. Here she lived until her death in 1900. She was
buried at Hickory Hill Cemetery.

Joseph traveled to Johannesburg, Africa in search of gold but never 
returned or was heard from again. What happened to Logen and Cop is 
unknown. Charlie, 1858-1920 married Florence Gilbert, 1861-1928. They 
purchased land belonging to her father Siras Gilbert in Sect. 12,
Webber Twp., where they lived and raised five ch.: E. Franklin, b. 1881; 
Edward, b. 1883, married a woman named Bloodworth, but by mutual
consent dissolved the marriage. He served as road commissioner in Webber Twp.
for many years; Joseph, b. 1886, married Erma Bean and raised two 
girls; nothing is known of Vienna and Elsie except that they married
and raised families.

In 1910, E. Franklin married Nettie Swan from Keenville. Frank could 
remember plowing his father's fields barefooted behind a team of
horses. The ground was hard, and his feet would bleed. Nettie and Frank bought 
land adjoining his father's, and raised their daughter Nola, b. 1913. 
They lived there until they died, he in 1957, and she in 1952.

Their dau. Nola married Charles Everett Johnson (Whitey). from Wayne 
City m Sept. 1941 at Jackson, Mo. They lived in Berry Twp. until they 
moved to her father's farm which she inherited. They had three ch.: 
Larry, married Sandra L. Chambliss of Bluford, their ch. are 
Khristi, Tiffany and Larry Gale Jr., 

Dellos Ducaine, married Patricia Hoftetter from Ashley. They live
in Mt. Vernon and had De Ann, Mellony, and Tara; 
Linda Key, married Charles Kenneth Robinson and they live in
Dickson, Texas. They have two ch., Tracy, and Stephanie.
Charles, the father died in 1968, and Nola, the mother still resides on
the home place.
- Nora Brown Johnsan

Some ommisions may have occured to protect living individuals.

Source: "Facts and Folks A History of Jefferson County, Illinois"
Jefferson County Historical Society
Printed by Taylor Publishing Company, Dallas, TX Page 102, 103
Submitted by Sandy Whalen Bauer

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