William A. Brookman, 1800-1872, a farmer from Virginia, and wife, Mary 
Peck, 1810-1862, born in Virginia, came to Jefferson county before
the 1850 census. They were the parents of 12 children: Chris, John, 
Valentine, Sarah, Samuel, Rhoda, Mary, William, Thomas, Stephen, 
Elizabeth, and Eliza. Sons Chris and John served in the Civil War.

John Brookman was in the 80th Infantry Co. E., enlisting August 5,
1862, at Mt. Vernon, Illinois. Discharged May 13, 1863, disabled. 
John became a blacksmith after being disabled. John was born in Clinton Co.
Illinois April II, 1830. He married Nancy J. Laird, 1838-1913, of Macon Co. 
Georgia. They too had 12 children: William D.; Clarinda King, Rosa I.
F. Richards, John H.; Lurenia C. Secrest, Joseph C. c., Neomri Omanual, 
Zemri, Nancy E. Green, Ethel Cora Hailey, Minnie Foster, and Sarah I. Hayes.

Son Neomri Omanual, 1873-1941, married Millie Ann Shelton, 1878-1960.
They lived just east of Mt. Vernon, near present Elks Country Club. 
About 20 years later they moved to Dodds Township, where he continued
in the farming business. Still later they returned to the Marlow area. 
Their children were: William Paul; Elizabeth Munday; Sarah Florence 
Tate; Leslie Omanual; Henry Leroy; Chester Oclevando; Cloia Lurena 
Clemins; Norma Ethel Scott; John Evertt; Irvin Christopher; and
Lucille Alemtia Satterwhite. Millie was a member of the Marlow Methodist

The present members of the family are scattered far and near with the 
Munday children in northern Illinois; Tate children in Wayne City, Mt. 
Vernon; and Marlow Clemins in Mt. Vernon; Scott children in Mt. Vernon 
and Washington, D.C.; Satterwhite children in Wayne City, Bluford, Mt. 
Vernon and Texas; Brookman children are in Centralia, Mt. Vernon, 
Opdyke, Bluford, northern Illinois and Oklahoma, and various other

Leslie Omanual was born November 12, 1903, in Jefferson county, and 
married Ethel Irene Duncan, 1905-1957, born in Marion Co. Illinois.
They were married December 22, 1923. They were the parents of five children:
James Leroy, Oakly Evertt, Stanley Irvin, Alfred Omanual, and Norma 
Irene. Alfred married Treasa Bond, and they have two sons,
Kevin Gregg and Kent Lee.

Some ommisions may have occured to protect living individuals.

Source: "Facts and Folks A History of Jefferson County, Illinois"
Jefferson County Historical Society
Printed by Taylor Publishing Company, Dallas, TX Page 101
Submitted by Sandy Whalen Bauer

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