King William Bean

King William BEAN, born 1812 in Tennessee was a descendant of
William BEAN, born 1730 in Scotland. William's son, William Jr., was born
in 1754 in Ireland. Walter BEAM, born 1779, son of William Jr. went to
Franklin County, Tennessee, where his son, King William BEAN was born and
when he was 13 years old, his father Walter migrated in a covered wagon
caravan about 1825 to Jefferson County, settling as an early pioneer in
Casner Township.

As early pioneers were influential in the religious life of the community, religious meetings were conducted by the Methodist at the BEAN home in Casner Township. Walter's wife, Elizabeth (MCGAILLARD) BEAN, must have died sometime after the birth of their youngest child, General Francis Marion, born 1830 in Jefferson County, for Walter remarried in 1838 Katharine KIMBRO here in Jefferson County. Walter and Elizabeth had a child to die in 1833, Gency, age 17 years.

In 1842 Walter and his second wife purchased 13½ acres in the SW SW1/4 of Sec. 31 in Shiloh Township, bordering Casner Township, and sold this same parcel of land on October 30, 1848. This land today is now owned by Wilburn and Ruby PANZIER. After 1848 and sometime before 1850 Walter, Katharine and Gen. F. Marion moved to Gallatin County, Illinois where this family maintained a lively interest in religion with Rev. G. F. M. BEAN, a minister of the Gospel, establishing several churches in the Ridgway area. However, four of Walter's eleven children, King W., Thomas H. Loving Russel, and Asbury (see family) remained in Jefferson County having descendants living here today. John and Peter M. moved to Arkansas but it was unknown where Conner (born 1824), Gulie (born 1806), and Jennie (born 1809) went. Walter, in his mid-sixties when leaving Jefferson County, spent his declining years in Gallatin County and was buried there.

King William as a young pioneer found Jefferson County a land of opportunity for those with courage and ambition. On
October 15, 1833, he was married in this County to Miss Elizabeth RIGHTNOWAR, born 1812 in Hardin County, the daughter of another pioneer family, George and Jerusha (ROSE) RIGHTNOWAR, early settlers in McClellan Township. They made their home across the road East from the Rightnowar School in Mcclellan Township, but then it was known only as the Long Prairie community, on an 80 acre tract of land he acquired from the Federal Government in 1842. It seems King William was becoming successful in the farming occupation he had chosen, then only ten years after he and Elizabeth were married, tragedy invaded their home when he died in 1843 at the age of 31, leaving to manage his estate his widow and small children. After King William's death, Elizabeth relinquished her rights as administrator to settle his personal property which was required then of a widow by law, and requested her husband's father, Walter BEAN, be appointed. These are a few items King W. had accumulated which were sold at public auction that July 20, 1843: 19 cattle, a cow and calf sold at $7.57½, and two bulls highest one at $2.62½, 2 yoke of cattle, one at$12.00 and one atb $41.00, man's saddle at $3.50, 2 Carey plows, one at $20.75, a falling axe $1.75, 1 rifle gun at $15.121/2 and 14 bee stands, gurns and bee stands, gums and bees from $1.12 1/2 to $2.31 1/2.

King William and Elizabeth's children were a son, William King (1834-1915) who in 1853 married Clemenza THOMPSON (1834-1915) and had King William, Cynthia, Sally, Ann, Martha, Connie, Conzada, and Catherine. They lived in McClellan Township. Buried at the Black Cemetery. Another son Peter Alexander (1839-1881) also lived in McClellan (see family).

They had two daughters that are known of and it's told never married. Jerusha Elizabeth (born 1836) and Sarah born 1841). It is believed there was a fifth child, Goulia D. (1843) married James S. HOWE. Elizabeth remained a widow and lived near her sons. Our subject died February 21, 1843. Where they are buried is unknown. Source: Facts and Folks History Of Jefferson County 1978 Submitted by: Misty Flannigan  Dec 26, 1997

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