James Valentine Bean was born in 1854 in Elk Prairie Township, the son 
of Asbury and Susan Spearman Bean. James was 10 years old when his 
father died in the Civil War and his mother married William Baker, also
of Elk Prairie.  In 1876, James V. married Harriet Samantha Martin, 
daughter of Robert Bartis and Maranda Samantha Greenwood Martin, and 
they farmed and raised their family of 11 children just west of Nason 
mine. Their six children who grew to matunty are:

Susan Ann (1877-1901) m. Franklin Pierce Hester. They had Olin 0., 
Hazel, and Glen, who died young.

Robert Irvin (1880-1956) married Rado Smith and had Smith Cullen who 
married Lucille Hirons, and Thelma Louise (James Norval) True. Robert 
and Rado are buried at Oakwood Cemetery.

General Logan (1885-1950) married Berthal Maneese, lived in Elk Prairie
and had: Helen (Anton) Bichanich who had Joyce Sue, Becky Ann, Jackie 
Anton, and Benny Joe; Nelda Maxine (Knox) Rowe had Richard Dale and 
Barbara Ellen; Dorothy (Clyde Newman) Beckham had John Davie and Judith
Ann; Rosemary (Oliver Perry) Hirons had Patricia Kay and Harriet Lynn; 
Ruth Adeline (Leonard Gene) Woelful had Rodney Gene and Marsha Lynn. 
General and Berthal are buried at Abner Cemetery.

James Allen (1893-1958) married Rose Mary Castle and raised their
family in Winona, Minnesota. Their children are:
James Castle, John Robert, William Paul, and Joan Rose.

Lowell Casner (1896-1977) married Georgia Mae Peterson.
Their daughter Betty (Fred) Hays has one son, Steven Carl. They lived
in the Dareville area.

Alice Mae (b. 1899) is the only surviving member of this family. She 
married Everett Hugh Collms and they live in McClellan Twp. Their son 
Everett Hugh Jr., married Evelyn Loraine Wolton and had Linda Lynette 
and Don Corey; their daughter, June Darlene (William Ross) Carroll had 
Alicia Marie and William Everett.

Daisy (1902-1935) married Orlia Kelley and had: James Burton, who 
married Norma Lee Lykes and had James Bruce; Kenneth Lowell who married
Marjorie Ann Piper and had Jerry Lowell, Dennis Lynn, and Brenda 
Joyce.;  Orlia Dwight, who married Edna Ruth Green and had DanIel
James, Ruth Loreen, Dena Louise, and Jack Dwight. Daisy, the mother, is
buried at Abner Cemetery.

Harriet's brothers were Bartis K. and John Irvin Martin. Her father 
married second, Isabell Drennan and had Lee and Minerva Martin. Lee 
married Nevada Beckham and Minerva married Joseph Baker, James V.'s
half brother.

Some ommisions may have occured to protect living individuals.

"Facts and Folks A History of Jefferson County, Illinois"
Jefferson County Historical Society
Printed by Taylor Publishing Company, Dallas, TX Page 88
Submitted by Sandy Whalen Bauer

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