January 17, 1881 Cullen H. Beadle was born to John A. and Mary Jackson 
Beadle on a farm in Jefferson County in Grand Prairie Township. Cullen 
grew to manhood there along with two sisters, Mrs. Bert (Cora) Miller 
and Mrs. Albert (Carrie) Moore. On August 6, 1901 he was married to 
Gilla Breeze, daughter of Isaac and Louisa Timmons Breeze, and moved to
a farm north of Cravat. Here Cletis E. was born, September 29, 1903. 
Cullen was a farmer and did carpenter work.

After Cullen's parents died, he inherited 75 acres of prairie land in 
Section 18. His grandfather, Richard F. Beadle was born October 12,
1814 and died June 25, 1885. Cullen's parents: John Beadle was born 1848
and died September 8, 1924; his wife, Mollie, was born 1850 and died in
1932. Cletis did much of the farming beginning at the age of eight.

The main crops were stock peas, corn, wheat, oats, and red top and 
timothy hay. The corn was picked by hand and scooped in the crib or cut
and shocked to be shucked later and the fodder fed to cattle. The wheat
and oats were cut with a binder and shocked, then threshed making a 
straw pile for the cattle. There were three main threshing rigs that 
threshed in this area; the Heitkamp Brothers, Bill and Chris of this 
community; Everett and Laurel Turner of near Walnut Hill, and the 
Koellings of Washington County. On threshing day the women would cook
dinner for about 20 men.

On June 7, 1930, Cletis married Lou Catherine Hails of Casner
Township, daughter of John D. and Hala Hails. Cletis bought a farm 
from David Baldridge and lived there his entire life. Here four children 
were born: Dean Lavern, Nola Faye, Mary Catherine, and Ronald Lee.

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Some ommisions may have occured to protect living individuals.

"Facts and Folks A History of Jefferson County, Illinois"
Jefferson County Historical Society
Printed by Taylor Publishing Company, Dallas, TX Page 85
Submitted by Sandy Whalen Bauer

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