Charles Franklin Bayne, son of Henry W. and Ida Humphrey Bayne, was 
born in Jefferson County, Illinois, in the vicinity of the Camp Ground 
neighborhood, on May 15, 1886. He was one of seven children.
In May, 1908, he married Cora Edna Harlow, daughter of William A. and 
Mary Isabelle Lisenby Harlow. She was born in Jefferson County on 
December 12, 1884. She was one of three children .

After their marriage, they moved to Deland, Illinois, in Piatt County, 
where they worked on It,farm. Three years later they moved to Sioux 
City, Iowa, where Charles worked as a carpenter. They returned to 
Jefferson County about 1916 and settled in the Harlow district north of
Camp Ground. Charles and Cora had four children: Priscilla Feme and 
Stanley Harlow were born in Piatt County, Deland, Illinois; and Hilda 
Mary and Martha Ruth were born in Jefferson County. The children 
attended Jefferson County Schools, as their parents had; and all 
attended the East Salem Baptist Church.

Charles, or "Charlie" as he was called, farmed and worked at the car 
shops in Mt. Vernon for many years. After that, he did general 
contracting work, building houses and churches, doing remodeling work, 
and road construction with his son, Stanley. He also did cattle buying.
Cora was a music teacher and in her younger days rode a horse through 
the neighboring vicinity giving piano lessons.

Feme married Oren Anderson Drew of the Moores Prairie Township on 
September 25, 1937. They live in West Frankfort. Illinois, and have one
daughter, Eva Jean of Marion, Illinois.

Stanley married Dorothy Gray Pierce of Mt. Vernon in December, 1943. 
Stanley and his daughter, Phyllis Marie Harper, live on the home
place. His step-daughter, Charlotte Ann, lives in Florida.

Hilda married Russell S. Huston of Mt. Vernon on May 1, 1937. They
built their present house on the home place. Their daughter, Betty Jo Snyder,
lives in Mt. Vernon.

Martha married James C. Brown of Mt. Vernon on June 19, 1937. They live
in Mt. Vernon and have one daughter and one son: Marian Joyce Nichols
of Englewood, Colorado; and James Steven of Mt. Vernon, Illinois.
There are four great-grandchildren and three step great­grandchildren:
Marty and Tracy Nichols; Staci and Scott Snyder; and Vanessa, Alicia,
and Juanita Boswell.

Charles Franklin Bayne died July 31, 1976; and Cora Edna Bayne died 
April 19, 1961. They are buried in the East Salem Cemetery.
- Ferne Drew, November, 1977

Some ommisions may have occured to protect living individuals.

"Facts and Folks A History of Jefferson County, Illinois"
Jefferson County Historical Society
Printed by Taylor Publishing Company, Dallas, TX Page 85
Submitted by Sandy Whalen Bauer

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